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Ercol furniture has been in existence since the 1920s, although it wasn’t until the late 1940s that the range became widely known. 1947 saw the arrival of the first item in the Windsor range – the Windsor chair. This piece is still an icon of the brand. The stylish spindles and curving back made for a very attractive piece of furniture that was also highly practical. The chair took off in a big way and was seen in homes up and down the land. After the success of the Windsor chair, the Windsor range began to expand to include a wealth of other popular furniture items such as tables, cabinets and sofas. Find beautiful Ercol Windsor furniture in our stunning collection today.

Why choose vintage Ercol Windsor furniture?

Ercol’s Windsor range of furniture has been in existence since the 1950s. Having appeared in a number of forms, it’s still around today and is still just as popular as it ever was. Ercol Windsor pieces have been made using traditional craftmanship techniques and dovetailed joints.

The oval shaped handles are iconic and have been seen on Windsor pieces for over half a century. Windsor cabinets are seen as a design classic by aficionados of vintage furniture thanks to their strong and sturdy construction, minimalist lines and simple elegance.

The tables, chairs and sofas of the Windsor range feature narrow tapering splayed legs and curving, attractive frames. The narrow spindles of the chair and sofa backs are highly recognisable. Made using a combination of traditional techniques and modern machining, the seating, tables and cabinetry in the Windsor range are quite stunning.

This collection is perfect for those who truly love and value the aesthetic appeal of wood. Whether it’s a collection of dining chairs, a small display cabinet or a sideboard, all of the vintage Windsor products you’ll find here are made to last. Each piece is also surprisingly versatile as the pared back aesthetic is transferrable from farmhouse kitchens to mid-century modern living rooms and even shabby chic offices, where the vintage furniture is showing enviable signs of wear.

Even though the Ercol range is still going strong and thriving today, it’s still worth seeking out true vintage pieces from the brand. If you believe that vintage isn’t your thing then you will be glad to read that you can often find modern Ercol Windsor pieces listed here at Vinterior, too.

Find vintage Ercol Windsor furniture at Vinterior

Vintage Ercol Windsor furniture has an authenticity and timeless elegance which brings a new element of flair and personality to your home. As these original pieces are incredibly robust and built to last, you can be sure that not only are you bringing a flavour of heritage into your life, you’re also choosing a piece of furniture which will last a lifetime.

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