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Although furniture maker Ercol began trading in 1920, it was during the mid-century, post-war period that the brand really upped its output. From around 1944 onwards, Ercol was prolific, producing many new chair designs in particular. Ercol chairs have a certain recognisable quality common to all the designer’s furniture. Pared back, built of real wood and with those carefully tapered legs, each one is a masterclass is good design. Vinterior is an excellent place to find Ercol chairs to suit your home and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a set of Windsor dining chairs, a single comfortable fireside chair, or a stunningly upcycled Ercol armchair complete with gorgeous contemporary print upholstery, browse our ever-changing collection now.

An impressive choice of vintage Ercol chairs

The Ercol Windsor chair is possibly the most iconic item the company has ever produced. Lucian Ercolani himself designed the original Windsor chair and, like all Ercol furniture, he created it to bring real quality furniture and excellent design to the lives and homes of ordinary people. In 1946, the Windsor chair was one piece exhibited by Ercol at a major Victoria & Albert Museum exhibition. This was the starting point for the mass production of bentwood furniture by the designer.

From that point the Windsor range expanded to encompass daybeds, all sorts of tables, benches, and, of course many other versions of the chair itself. The Windsor armchairs and easy chairs are particularly popular with modern buyers as their fluid, clean lines and expertly upholstered seat and back make them an excellent starting for some serious upcycling creativity.

Ercol Chairmaker’s Chair

Beyond the Windsor range, there are many less well-known Ercol chairs to take a look at. The Chairmaker’s Chair is a favourite with real fans of outstanding craftsmanship. With a double bow, a curved back, and a solid seat, this piece is designed to optimise style and comfort. It’s still in production and can be bought as a rocking chair too, so it’s a great gift for expectant mums.

Ercol Stacking Chairs

For those looking for real utility chic, the Ercol Stacking Chair is ideal. Reminiscent of school days, the chair is available in child or adult size. Buy a set and they’ll look great whether they’re stacked or not.

Love vintage Ercol Chairs?

When you invest in vintage or artisan furniture, there’s an added element of satisfaction to the purchase. That’s the assurance that comes from knowing that you’re buying something that was made, and possibly renovated, with real love and craftsmanship.

Love new? See our range of brand new Ercol Chairs for Sale

A better success story than Ercol’s would be hard to find. For almost a century the brand has been producing high-quality, elegant furniture to grace every sort of home. Nowadays, Ercol fans are as likely to be buying a piece from the 1950s or 1980s as they are a modern piece. However, just-made Ercol is a fantastic investment too, and the company has certainly maintained its high standards in recent years. You can get a feel for 21st century Ercol on our site, whether you’re on the look-out for a stunning new sofa, a welcoming bed, or a statement-piece Ercol chair.

Browse Vinterior for ideas and inspiration, sharing pieces with friends and creating a list of your favourite items. Our stock is always changing so there’s always a new vintage find or a thoroughly modern piece to catch your eye.

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