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If only the most well-made and stylish furnishings will do for your retro themed room or home, Ercol is the go-to brand for your vintage chic. Still operating today even after almost 100 years in the industry, Ercol was first launched in 1920 and has become known as the home of exquisitely crafted and beautifully designed furniture. If you are looking for an eye-catching piece to furnish a bay window, conservatory or even a hallway, look no further than the stunning wooden Ercol loveseat first made popular in the 1960s. Explore our collection today and get the iconic look in your home.

Why choose Ercol loveseats?

Originally, Ercol was a brand that focused on chair manufacturing. Yet when the Second World War came to an end and the demand for quality affordable furniture was realised, Ercol was perfectly placed to plug the gap in the market. The utility furniture of the day was required to be sturdy, robust and built for a long lifespan. Ercol’s mode of working perfectly fit with this aim. The designs of their furniture were plain and simple, yet were also very attractive. Thanks to the level of craftsmanship put into each piece, every item was also built to last.

Over the following years, Ercol started to produce a larger variety of furniture items for all the rooms of the home. One particularly iconic item to be made during the 1950s was the Ercol loveseat – a highly recognisable piece which was found all over the country.

The Ercol loveseat or bench is one of the most iconic pieces of Ercol furniture. Constructed in the traditional minimalist style specific to the brand, a vintage Ercol loveseat is constructed from blonde elm and beech woods with an appealing, light colour.

The loveseat’s legs are particularly recognisable thanks to their angled, narrow shape. The back of the loveseat too has a classic Ercol look thanks to the narrow spindles which add a touch of delicate chic to the robust craftsmanship. Some Ercol loveseats are sold with cushions to offer even more padding and comfort, however others are sold in their original state with no cushion.

Thanks to their classic elegance, they also bring genuine flair and character to every room of your home while recapturing a minimalist and simpler style which was so popular in bygone eras. But don’t confuse simplicity with lack of aesthetic appeal. A vintage Ercol loveseat can do plenty for your interior design, adding texture, colour and character to living room bay windows, wide hallways and perhaps a conservatory or orangery as an informal seating area.

We sell new, too

If a vintage or antique piece of furniture isn’t what your décor is lacking and you want something new and fresh instead, we also feature a number of newer Ercol products among our listings. Browse the collection today and you could find yourself a vintage piece of the future – one that can be passed down through the generations.

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