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Over recent years, Ercol furniture has grown in popularity with interior designers, magazine editors and homeowners alike. Its striking, pared-back designs, with their softened corners and elegant legs, work brilliantly in all sorts of spaces. In part, it’s the versatility of vintage Ercol furniture that has catapulted it to the position the brand enjoys today. It works in a simple, well-put together home with subtle colour schemes and one or two eye-catching pieces. However, it also fits in well as part of an eclectic, dramatic look, mixing up textures, styles and lighting moods. Anyone hoping to find the ideal piece of Ercol, modern or vintage, for their home, should explore Vinterior for inspiration. Browse the listings on our online marketplace today and you’ll find an Ercol piece suited to almost every interior.

What you need to know about vintage Ercol furniture

Originally founded in 1920 by Italian designer Lucian Ercolani, it was during the post-war years that this furniture maker first found wide-scale commercial success. Approached by the UK government to mass produce 100,000 affordable Windsor chairs, Ercolani devised a way to create the steam-bent elm wood backs that are characteristic of the style. This opened the door to bigger orders and the brand turned a corner. Its consumers were much as they are now – forward-looking, quality focussed and appreciative of good design. Tired of the pre-war dark, heavy furniture styles, they were seeking something fresh and light, but still wanted the craftsmanship that Ercol offers.

Nowadays, most design-conscious people can recognise a piece of Ercol furniture at a glance. But what is it that lends this brand its distinctive aesthetic? In many cases it is the gracefully bended elm spindles and splayed, tapered legs of Windsor pieces. It’s the low-slung, deep-seated nature of the armchairs, beautifully reupholstered in bright patterns and tempting textures. It’s the parred-back feel of the dining furniture, practical with its drop-leaf sections and homely with its curved corners and smooth finishes.

A piece of Ercol furniture is something you’ll enjoy day after day, year after year. As well as lending your home their style, each piece is also well designed from a practical point of view. Sideboards have deep cupboards and fluid drawers, sofas are comfortable, tables are sturdy, and chairs have ergonomic seats. Practicality, exquisite good looks and an outstandingly high finish all come as standard with this brand.

Knowing if vintage Ercol furniture is right for you

When you invest in vintage furniture – a sofa that’s been renovated, a side table restored to its former glory, or an armchair reimagined for a contemporary audience – you are buying a slice of design history. With Ercol this is particularly true. A premium brand with endless appeal, every piece of Ercol furniture is an heirloom.

You can buy new Ercol furniture at Vinterior

One of the best things about Ercol is that the brand is still producing its gorgeous pieces, feeding demand for accessible, well-made and beautifully designed furniture. Each Ercol piece, whether new or old, carries that same unmistakable character and charm.

If you are wondering which key Ercol piece would be best for your space, take the time to browse our site and see what’s out there. Whether you opt for a practical drop-leaf dining table with matching chairs, a statement cabinet to add a touch of high-class to your hallway, or a feature chair to lift the style stakes in your study, the search is always fun.

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