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There are few brands more synonymous with quality British furniture than Ercol. Established in the 1920’s by Italian furniture maker, Lucian Ercolani the brand has come to epitomise the mid-century look for pared down, simple lines with an exemplary finish. Ercol furniture is easily identifiable as creating the look of the post-war household with a lighter touch. The brand helped move away from the rather grand and dark style of the early 20th century into more modern, contemporary design. Search Vinterior for Ercol Footstools today!

Vintage Ercol Footstools

The Ercol footstool was a key piece in this brave new world for mid-century furniture. Reimagined from functional necessity to stylish focal point by the team at Ercol. Take a look at the wide range of vintage Ercol footstools now available at Vinterior to understand why the post-war boom for clean lines and fresh ideas produced a look that has remained so popular to this day.

The Ercol ‘look’

Vintage Ercol pieces offer a glimpse into a time when simplicity and quality characterised the home in the post-war era of modern Britain. As one of the leaders in mid-century furniture design, Ercol has come to personify the mid-century ‘retro’ style that remains enduringly popular across interiors to this very day.

Ercol vintage pieces are consistently sought-after examples of classic design. Always admired, Ercol furniture has a rare charm that has seen it remain at the forefront of British furniture design for nearly 100 years. Vinterior brings as many classic and interesting pieces to Ercol fans with an eye on recreating the classic ‘retro’ look in any part of their home.

Mid Century to Modern Scandinavian Style Foot Stools

From trendy mid-century retro to modern Scandi, hygge style or New England retreat – any interior style can benefit from the hand-crafted ingenuity of Ercol. The classic nature of the design lends itself perfectly to statement furniture to complement almost any ‘look’ in the home.A footstool is so often the afterthought of an interior space. Beds, wardrobes, sofas, tables and chairs are all on the initial shopping list when it comes to decorating, but the footstool is the ‘nice to have’ when you have the time and budget to think outside of the practical needs of your home.

Luckily for anyone passionate about design, Ercol think of each piece of furniture as important. From the smallest luxury to the most fundamental of items, the special Ercol touch for quality starts with standout design at every level. In the case of footstools, this extends to complementing the Ercol chair and sofa range with matching pieces that can be upholstered to suit their surroundings.

The classic curved lines of an Ercol Windsor chair are perfectly balanced with a matching Ercol foostool in varying materials and upholstery options to create a statement individual chair for private relaxation. However, it is also now popular to mix and match styles and colours when it comes to creating a more informal vibe. And an upholstered Ercol footstool is enviably compatible with a range of different finishes. Square, rectangle, hard or soft, one thing is for sure, Ercol puts high-level but accessible design into your home and the humble footstool is no exception. Always copied but never outdone, Ercol’s iconic mid-century style is a great option if you are trying to add a clear sense of identity to your home.

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