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The Ercol brand was originally established back in 1920 by Lucian Ercolani – an Italian who had the goal of making well-designed furniture fashioned by talented craftsmen. A century later and the name Ercol is still one that we associate with quality furniture. The vintage Ercol dresser is just as popular today as it was in its original day thanks to its exquisite craftsmanship, quality materials and stylish appearance.Find the perfect Ercol dresser for you in our stunning range.

Ercol dressers: building a brand

Originally focusing on chairs after taking over the Walter Skulls chair making business during the 1930s, Ercol first rose to fame during the post-war years thanks to the Utility Scheme. The demand for rapidly produced, affordable and plain furniture at this time perfectly fitted with the Ercol ethos, and the Windsor kitchen chair became famous across the UK.

As the Scandinavian style grew to prominence in 1960s Britain, Ercol’s pared back, cool look were perfectly suited to this particular aesthetic. As a result, demand for the brand’s pieces grew even further. Over the years, cabinets, sideboards, wardrobes and room dividers all were designed by the brand and many Ercol pieces became iconic of their time.

Why choose an Ercol dresser?

The Ercol brand is famous for its quality wooden pieces and its minimalist appeal, although perhaps its most iconic feature is its outstanding craftsmanship. Ercol was revolutionary in its day for using wood in a very different way. Thanks to their steam bending technique, they made it possible to produce stunning furniture from pine, elm and beech that was significantly more pliable and could be shaped in different ways.

Ercol dressers are chunky and often feature intricate carvings. The overall appearance is one of robustness and sturdiness, giving you confidence that furniture will last a long time. Ercol dressers typically have a traditional mid-century look and feel which is timeless and which adds a practical yet beautiful feel to any home.

While the Ercol brand is still going strong today and you can just as easily purchase a dresser from their new range, there is something special and authentic about incorporating a vintage dresser into your home. Although contemporary Ercol pieces are made with equally high quality materials and with equally exquisite craftsmanship, you can depend on a vintage Ercol dresser to have a unique flair that a modern piece cannot provide. Pre-loved pieces have their own backstory and rich history, giving them an extra dimension in your home.

Retro Ercol Dressers & Tables for Sale

If you want to create a retro feel in your home or whether you’re looking for a solid and sturdy dresser that offers plenty of practical storage with timelessly elegant style, a vintage Ercol dresser is for you. Buy a mid-century Ercol dresser featuring the marks of regular use and wear over more than 50 years and you can incorporate it straight into a stunning shabby chic environment. Or perhaps you’d rather purchase a dresser that has been painted by a seller. We have plenty of examples of elm, teak and beech units that have been painted in black, navy blue or a chalky white to give a bold or distressed look.

Shop for vintage Ercol dressers with Vinterior

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Find the perfect vintage Ercol dresser for you in Vinterior’s selection today and enjoy quality craftsmanship every day in your own home.