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Ercol dining room furniture is having a renaissance in the eyes of interiors enthusiasts. Although always consistently popular for its accessible designs and clean lines, the nearly 100-year-old furniture design firm is at the epicentre of the trend for mid-century interior design. Ercol pieces can sit within almost every section of the home with a wide range of stylish furniture designed and hand-crafted by the British firm since its introduction onto the global marketplace in the 1920s.<br><br>The Ercol brand brought a sense of style to the post-war household but contemporary furniture featuring the hand-crafted finish of the British designer has never been in greater demand. Started by Italian furniture maker, Lucien Ercolani, the firm brought contemporary design to the fore in a bid to develop a more simplistic approach to interior design – forgoing the more heavy, darker materials which characterised popular furniture in the first half of the twentieth century.

Dining out on Ercol Vintage Furniture

Home trends move with the times and with home space at a premium, dining rooms have had to become multi-functional rooms. More formal at-home dining began to decline in the mid-century onwards and research has shown that the modern dining room is now typically more likely to be used for storage space, a playroom or as an office thanks to the rise in home-working. As the dining room becomes more reserved for special occasions, how can you make your dining room practical but stylish with vintage Ercol dining furniture?

One of the main advantages of Ercol remains the accessibility of the designs. With skilled craftsmanship to its credit, Ercol dining furniture fuses quality materials with classic lines designed to work within many of the modern trends in interior design. Ercol can support the simplicity of Scandi trends putting the focus on warm colours and textured finishes as well as vintage eclectic and colourful statement pieces. There is a piece of Ercol furniture to complement any theme in the home.

Furnish your dining room with Ercol

While an impeccable dining room was once a symbol to mark the well-to-do and socially mobile amongst society, it has had to adapt to find a place in the home of the 21st century. One thing that has not adapted is the flexibility of Ercol dining furniture to stretch from high-society formality to everyday family dining. In the dining room, the Ercol offering encompasses sideboards, dining tables, stylish chairs, bar stools and display cabinets to complete a look or mix and match. Each piece has a range of textures, with a selection of wooden finishes stretching from light to dark and varnished to natural for a more eclectic style.

Mix or match with Ercol Dining Chairs, Tables & Sideboards

If coordination is key, Ercol has a range of complete dining furniture collections. At Vinterior, we offer selected pieces through our online marketplace to create your own stylish room. From the classic Ercol round design to the panel-style retro rectangular dining table that has become synonymous with the mid-century retro ‘look’, Vinterior features standalone pieces or full chair and table collections.

Vintage Ercol Dining Furniture for Sale at Vinterior

Vintage Ercol dining furniture is from a time when dining was just starting to become a less formal affair and the overall look from the firm supports a non-fussy, smooth design as the main statement. The finish is key, using quality materials so the piece can blend in with surroundings and allow individuals to incorporate design-led flourishes, such as the classic Ercol curved dining chairs for a truly retro look.

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