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A desk is the place we go to when we most need inspiration to strike, so what better place to start than with a beautiful, timeless piece of furniture designed by a brand synonymous with clever, functional design? An Ercol desk or bureau is the perfect addition to any study or workspace, providing sleek lines, ergonomically crafted shapes and impeccably finished wood. At Vinterior, we source and sell the finest antique and vintage Ercol so that you can kit out your study with furniture you’re proud to sit and work at.

A bit about Ercol

Italian designer Lucian Ercolani had an exceptional pedigree in product design, having worked at Parker Knoll and G Plan before he set up Ercol in the 1940s. Ercolani’s aim was to take classic, historically important items of British furniture and update them for contemporary living. The results have become iconic items of furniture in their own right.

Since its inception, the brand has gone from strength to strength, having been selected by the British government’s Board of Trade to design production-friendly, expertly made and above all, handsome furniture after the Second World War. Nowadays, Ercol is a household name and Ercol pieces are highly prized additions to any stylishly decorated home. Bearing all the hallmarks of classic mid-century aesthetics such as splayed legs, exposed wood and curved corners, Ercol furniture is timeless, chic and very desirable, and Ercol desks and bureaus are no exception to this rule.

Choosing Ercol desks

When it comes to choosing your perfect Ercol desk, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Perhaps you’ll opt for a small, simple writing desk, the perfect size for slotting into an alcove or bay window and working on your laptop. Or maybe your desk needs to take a desktop computer or double up as a breakfast table, so you’ll go for something larger. Ercol desks come in an extensive range of sizes, so you’re sure to find something here at Vinterior that suits your needs.

If you are looking for an occasional desk, look no further than an Ercol bureau, a mid-century style update of an historic, 17th century item. With the bureau, the desk can be folded away when no longer in use, which is perfect if you’re working from home and need to stow away your business as you unwind in the evening. An elegantly styled Ercol dressing table can also act as a desk if you are short on space and your bedroom acts as a part-time study.

In these instances, it’s fantastic that lots of Ercol desks and tables have useful drawers replete with ergonomically designed handles. These features make the items perfect for storing stationery, loose papers and electronics neatly out of sight.

Of course, Ercol desks are perfectly matched with Ercol chairs, so completing the look and creating a comfortable workspace is easily achievable, whether you buy them separately or in a set.

Furthermore, Ercol furniture comes in a lovely range of finishes, and here at Vinterior we stock a huge range of both original No matter what you need – whether it’s a desk that fits seamlessly with your existing furniture or an accent piece that really wows – we’ve got you covered. Search for Ercol desks on Vinterior and make your workspace perfect today.