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The Ercol console table is a useful and often underrated addition to the home. Use it to line a hallway without sacrificing too much space, incorporate it in your living room to showcase pictures and ornaments or add it to a compact bedroom as a bedside table; however you choose to use your console table, be sure to explore the Ercol range.

Getting to know Ercol console tables

The earliest console tables in the form that we would recognise them today were semi-circular in shape and were propped against a wall, making a narrow surface on which to place items. Over time, the console table began to take on different shapes, from circular to rectangular, and to be used in a variety of locations around a room and around the home.

The Ercol console table was an innovation of the 1960s when the iconic brand began to extend its range to include a wider selection of quality furniture items. Expanding from chairs and seating, Ercol began to produce beds, dressers and console tables that fit perfectly with the style of the time.

During the 1960s, a minimalist Scandinavian approach to interior décor was popular, and Ercol ticked all the boxes with its simple lines, high functionality and exquisite craftsmanship. The brand became increasingly popular among homeowners keen to adopt this fashionable look. Discover Vinterior’s lovely Ercol console tables and add a touch of retro practicality and elegance to your home.

Why choose Ercol console tables?

You can depend on any piece of Ercol furniture to be constructed using quality woods such as beech and elm. You can also rely on the impressive craftsmanship that has gone into making each and every item, and the attention to detail which has been lavished on every piece.

An Ercol console table will usually feature the traditional narrow splayed legs which are so commonly seen with this brand. The lines are minimalist and simple, with basic rectangular shapes being popular. Pieces from the ‘Windsor’ range feature oval shaped handles which are a key design element of the Ercol line.

A vintage Ercol console table exudes retro elegance and heritage, promising to bring true authenticity into your home. If your hallway is clean, light but lacking a finishing touch or two, why not add a console table and a couple of picture frames to make it a more welcoming space? There’s no better way to express your own personality than with a piece of vintage furniture, and thanks to the solid construction, you’ll be investing in a piece that will stand the test of time.

Ercol console tables: we sell new, too

Of course, the Ercol brand is still trading today, and one glance at their website will reveal a range of beautiful pieces, with many having taken their inspiration from their original mid-20th century designs. If a new piece is more your thing, then we also feature many 21st century Ercol designs – ensuring that you have the opportunity to own the vintage pieces of the future.

Find a vintage Ercol console table at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior, we want to be your first choice for high quality, beautifully crafted antique and vintage pieces for your home. We’re here to inspire you and to help you find the creative buzz to make your home’s interior design everything you’ve dreamed of. We’ve brought together a stunning selection of decorative items and furniture that are sure to impress and delight, and our vintage Ercol console tables won’t disappoint.

Browse Vinterior’s inspirational furniture collection today and you’re sure to discover the ideal Ercol console table to bring the past right into your home.

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