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Ercol coffee tables add a welcome dose of glamour and elegance to even the most carefree of living room designs. More elegant than many modern mass-produced coffee tables and practical enough for the busiest of family homes, they’re your go-to for a lounge feature piece. If you are hoping to lend your home a distinctly mid-century vibe while remaining true to a modern interior scheme, Ercol coffee tables are an excellent choice. Eye-catching without being loud, heavy with quality and boasting instantaneous brand recognition, there’s one out there for you. Get started on your hunt with Vinterior, taking inspiration from our steady flow of vintage Ercol design classics from across the last century.

Finding the right vintage Ercol coffee table

Ercol coffee tables are enjoying a particular boom right now. The Windsor coffee table, which is somehow just the right height, and just the right size for almost any room, has curved corners and a built-in magazine shelf, making it perfect for the modern, storage-deprived home. It’s also sometimes sourced as a drop-leaf table for when you need a little extra. However, for those prepared to take the time and browse, there are other equally attractive styles out there. For example, the Pandora coffee table is an altogether more substantial piece with two very handy deep drawers, plus an open storage space to stack all the detritus of daily life when visitors pop over.

Differently Shaped Nest of Coffee Tables from Ercol

Rarer still is the five-part nest of differently-shaped Ercol tables, which form one larger coffee table that can be used alone when required. Or, how about the Pebble set of coffee table? This trio operates more like a traditional nest, with the tables sitting beneath one another, neatly stored to one side until you need to provide guests with a spot to place their coffee. For a touch of vintage Ercol at a very affordable price point, there are a number of satisfyingly simple designs in circular and rectangular shapes.

Whichever one you opt for, there are a few features that the vast majority of vintage Ercol coffee tables boast. Gently splayed legs that have been turned to a taper, curved corners or no corners at all. And, sometimes a drop-leaf for added versatility and convenience in rooms where space can be limited.

One of the truly lovely aspects of buying vintage Ercol furniture is the unquestionable quality of the wood and the craftsmanship. Even the simplest coffee table is a masterclass in optimising the beauty of this natural product. Indeed, you’ll find many reconditioned pieces and upcycled gems here at Vinterior that have the ability to add style and substance to your carefully considered décor.

Contemporary Ercol Coffee Tables for Sale

Happily, the Ercol business continues to thrive to this day and we can help you to find pieces from its contemporary range, as well as its retro one. All Ercol furniture holds that essential brand character at its heart. Whether you’re looking for a starting point for your design scheme, or a last minute addition to complete the look, Ercol from any era delivers in a way that your modern flat-pack and mass-market furniture simply cannot.

Get the full picture of Ercol through the decades, right up to the present day, by browsing our website. Our online marketplace will inspire you, sparking interesting ideas about how to introduce this brand into your contemporary home.