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Instantly recognisable and infinitely stylish, an Ercol chair lends any home a touch of classic design, as well as a practical seating solution. Whether used as part of a set with a matching table or as stand-alone statement pieces; revamped and renovated with gorgeous paint; re-sanded and polish; or richly upholstery in a premium fabric, vintage Ercol chairs are must-have pieces for the savvy and fashion-conscious interiors fan. If you are on the look-out for the perfect Ercol chair, to create impact in your lounge, brighten up a dull corner in your hallway, or add to a collection in the kitchen, browse the range of vintage Ercol chairs listed at Vinterior now.

Why choose a vintage Ercol chair?

One particular Ercol chair was the turning point for the manufacturer. In 1944, the then relatively modest Ercol company was asked by the British government to produce 100,000 of its Windsor dining chairs. This chair features an arched, steam-bended elm back. To fulfil this huge order, Ercol created a way to steam-bend substantial quantities of wood all at once. Mass-production of wonderfully well-designed, fine furniture was the result and Ercol never looked back.

A steady stream of chairs and other outstanding designs followed the Windsor chair through the workshop gates. The low, laid-back Windsor armchair, with its deep seat cushion and pared back lines is a chair to retire to with a book and a cuppa. The double-bowed Chairmaker’s Chair, produced throughout the 1960s and very comfortable, now has deservedly iconic status. So, too, do the Chiltern chairs with their overlapping, turned spindles.

Buy Vintage Ercol Chairs at Vinterior

Vintage Ercol chairs are very much a set of design classics; the Italian who founded the company, Lucian Erolani, rarely strayed from his essential aesthetic. This means that the Chairmaker’s Chair was also built as a vintage rocking chair and the Quaker Chair, for example, was sold with and without arms.

In part, it’s this discipline of design that has allowed Ercol to become such an instantly recognisable brand. Curved lines, tapered turned legs, top-quality wood and an unswaying attention to detail are the elements to expect in any Ercol piece.

The benefits of shopping vintage Ercol

When you buy vintage Ercol, you’re investing in a piece of design heritage. This is a brand that has adapted to changing interior design styles, refreshing and rethinking to suit each new generation’s tastes, while remaining true to its own essential self. Ercol’s versatility is shown in the way it lends itself to remodelling, or upcycling. Pieces that has been ‘made over’ for a more modern, edgy or daring buyer work brilliantly. However, those pieces that have simply been restored to their original glory with a little gentle sanding and some TLC also look stunning, their classic effect fitting well in any design theme.

Of course, going vintage isn’t the only way to get your hands on the perfect piece of Ercol furniture. This British institution of a design brand is still very much alive, kicking and producing stunning furniture for the contemporary buyer. Here at Vinterior, we stock key modern Ercol chairs, tables and other definitive pieces, each one carrying that familiar character and dedication to quality.

No matter what your taste – be it vintage, antique, retro or artisan – our online marketplace is the perfect place for you to find not only products but interior inspiration. Take your time to browse all our products and designers, picking out ideas as you go. Mix and match vintage and contemporary, bold and understated, simple and ostentatious.

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