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If you are searching for vintage furniture from an iconic British brand, an Ercol bedside table is the ideal choice. A name that is synonymous with quality manufacturing and craftsmanship, Ercol was first established back in 1920 with a mission to bring beautifully made furniture that had been designed and built by true craftspeople. Discover our stunning selection of Ercol furniture and find a vintage Ercol bedside table that will look perfect in any retro themed bedroom.

Why choose vintage Ercol bedside tables?

A vintage Ercol bedside table is the perfect example of how vintage furniture can add style and elegance to your home in a modest and understated fashion. Not all antique and vintage pieces need to make bold statements or act as immediate conversation starters. Instead, an Ercol bedside table – or side table, should you choose to use it in another room – acts as one of those complementary pieces. A quietly sophisticated piece that enhances a room and helps to complete your designer “look”. Typically made from materials like beech and elm with a polished wooden top and detailed, slim legs, Ercol tables are as at home in rustic kitchens as they are in mid-century modern living rooms or bedrooms.

If you do feel that a little injection of colour or detailing would benefit your interior design, look out for examples of bedside tables that have been given a new lick of paint – black is a particularly striking example.

Vintage Ercol bedside tables: a bit about the brand

In its early days, Ercol focused on making chairs, and it wasn’t until the 1950s that this began to change. The years immediately following the end of the war were a time of enormous demand for furniture, and the Utility Scheme meant that pieces needed to be mass-produced, affordable and functional.

Ercol could fit the bill on all accounts. Their style was naturally simple and minimalist, yet highly practical, and thanks to the quality craftsmanship, homeowners could be confident that they were getting a piece of furniture that would stand the test of time. In 1947, the brand’s ‘Windsor’ chair was incredibly popular, and as Ercol became a famous name, the brand branched out into other types of furniture including bookcases, tables and bedroom furniture.

All Ercol furniture is built to last and is constructed from high quality woods like elm and beech. The craftsmanship is outstanding, and you can expect to find an Ercol bedside table that has been created with loving attention to detail.

Depending on the era during which the beside table was made, the piece may either be chunky and solid, with integrated drawers for storage and narrow legs to raise the furniture from floor level, or it may be a more delicate looking piece with spindles, a small drawer and an open storage space below.

Shop for Ercol bedside tables with Vinterior

A vintage Ercol bedside table will exude heritage, authenticity and character. If you want to stamp your own personality on your bedroom, a vintage Ercol bedside table is the way to do it. As Ercol vintage items are also built to last, you can be confident you’re investing in a piece that will last a lifetime.

Make Vinterior your first choice for beautiful vintage and antique decorative items and furniture for your home. We take pride in sourcing and bringing together an outstanding selection of the most eclectic pieces that are sure to make your house a home.

Browse our collection today and discover the perfect Ercol bedside table to bring the past right to your bedside.

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