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At the centre of your sitting room, you want an item of furniture that is beautifully designed and built to last without compromising on comfort. Look no further than Vinterior’s extensive selection of Ercol armchairs. We feature high quality original vintage pieces as well as upcycled items that have been repainted and reupholstered on our online marketplace. There’s a huge range to choose from with something for every taste and budget, all featuring the incredibly high quality manufacturing standards that Ercol is famous for.

Why choose an Ercol armchair?

An Ercol armchair is a classic item of vintage furniture and it can act as the perfect accent piece in your sitting room. As a brand, Ercol is particularly famed for its innovative use of high quality, natural wood products. With an Ercol armchair, the wooden frame itself is a design feature, and every piece is initially finished to allow the natural grain of the timber to show through. This makes them the perfect addition to Scandinavian inspired interiors as well as more rustic, shabby chic style spaces. To emphasise this style, you may even wish to dress them with wool-covered cushions or a sheepskin to amplify the organic appeal of the wood.

Unlike the vast leather-wrapped armchairs of other eras and other designers, Ercol armchairs tend to be more delicate and slender in their construction. This means that they are more likely to punctuate a lightly furnished room rather than make a grand, opulent statement. Indeed, Ercol armchairs are also perfectly suited to a bay window, reading nook, study, or even the corner of a large bedroom, where they can add life and a sense of character to quiet spaces.

Reupholstered Ercol Armchairs for Sale

Among our collection, you will find many Ercol armchairs that have been reupholstered in eye-catching fabrics or painted in a jewel-bright hue. Here at Vinterior, we have a very varied range of armchairs to choose from, whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s an accent piece or something to complement your existing mid century furniture. Why not browse our beautiful selection and complete your sitting room today?

Why buy vintage Ercol?

There’s a reason why antique Ercol furniture remains so sought after today. The brand showcases all that is exemplary about British manufacturing. Each and every item has been built to last and will continue to stand the test of time whilst retaining its chic appearance and timeless appeal.

The gently curved lines of Ercol furniture have barely changed in a century, meaning that when you do find your perfect piece you can rest assured it will never look dated. Investing in vintage Ercol is a great way of bringing unique style and interest to any space, safe in the knowledge that the world-renowned brand has almost 100 years of heritage behind it.

A little bit about Ercol armchairs

In the 1920s, Italian furniture maker Lucian Ercolani set up his British company Ercol and it quickly became a household name. In the early 40s, Ercolani was commissioned by the British Government’s Board of Trade to design production-friendly seating for the post-war period and as such, the Ercol armchair and rocking chair are synonymous with excellence and ergonomics in mid century design.

Ercol has continued to produce these stunning examples of British craftsmanship ever since in an array of finishes and sizes, but always with the instantly recognisable slightly bowed legs and curved, spindled back. Generally crafted out of beech and elm, the armchairs are both eternally stylish and thoroughly comfortable, and they have enduring appeal that is virtually unmatched by any other brand in the furniture industry.

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