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Art Deco style takes interiors on a glamorous stroll through the 1920s and 30s, into what was a gloriously decadent period for art, fashion and design. During this period chrome met marble and blonde walnut veneer; dramatically angled architecture worked in symbiosis with dripping diamond chandeliers; and elegantly curved glass could be found in conjunction with sumptuous velvets. Drawing inspiration from subjects as diverse as the Paris Exhibition of 1925 and their own Russian ancestry, the brothers used the very finest woods to create cabinets, tables and three-piece suites that remain some of the most desirable Art Deco pieces of furniture in existence. Find out why Epstein Brothers furniture could be perfect to you with Vinterior today.

The Epstein Brothers and the Art Deco era

Art Deco style sprung to life in the roaring 20s and shook up popular culture for nearly two decades. Its design simultaneously looked into the past – to Ancient Egypt and Mayan civilisation – and to the elusive, rapidly changing future. Some of the best-loved artistry of the era can still be enjoyed today, from the movie Metropolis to the Empire State Building.

Amongst all this, the London-based Epstein brothers are globally renowned for having created some of the most iconic items of furniture ever produced during the era. The six sons of a Russian cabinetmaker, they designed and made furniture out of their East End studio from the 1920s to the 1950s. Since then, the Epstein name has become highly regarded and is synonymous with the Art Deco period.

Why choose Epstein Brothers furniture at Vinterior?

Epstein Brothers furniture is remarkably rare and highly desirable. From Queen Anne style marble-topped walnut coffee tables to walnut and burr maple sideboards and even full height cocktail cabinets, there are many incredible pieces of furniture to have come from the workshop of this talented family.

If you are looking for a piece, you should start with a trusted vendor with a wide selection of options to choose from. Of course, here at Vinterior you can be confident that the pieces you find will only ever be listed by the most reputable sellers.

We list furniture from over a thousand sellers on our site, meaning our range is virtually unparalleled. So, if you are in the market for a rare piece, our website is a great place to find it. When you’re looking for Epstein Brothers pieces, it’s worth remembering that those from the early Art Deco era typically are not signed. However, a great deal of scholarly research has allowed experts to identify existing examples of early Epstein Brothers furniture. Items made in the 1950s onwards are generally marked with the Epstein name.

We sell new, too

Not everyone can afford – or even wants to be responsible for – a piece of history in the form of an original Epstein piece. But at Vinterior we do sell new furniture, too. If you love Art Deco style but not the price tag that accompanies original pieces, the contemporary and artisan furniture manufacturers listed on our site could meet your needs perfectly.

We select every furniture maker we work with based on their excellent design talent and quality craftsmanship, meaning if you’re looking for something reminiscent of Epstein brothers Art Deco furniture, you’ve come to the right place. When you select an item of bespoke Art Deco style furniture from the varied range available at Vinterior, you do so safe in the knowledge that if it’s listed here, we assure you it meets the high calibre of design creativity and functionality you expect.

Feeling inspired? It has never been easier to bring the essence of Art Deco home with you. Start your search for an original Epstein brothers piece today.

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