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Eero Saarinen is a name that’s known in the world of neo-futuristic design, having carved out a reputation as one of the top furniture designers in the modernist movement. Born in 1910 to designer, artist and architect parents, Eero Saarinen’s premature death in 1961 is perhaps the only thing that prevented him from going on to create yet more stunning designs that would have enhanced his reputation as one of the mid-20th century’s brightest design talents. Responsible for taking a wholly new approach to furniture design, Eero Saarinen drew on his artistic roots and training in sculpture and architecture to create tables which were inventive and new. Equally at home in both contemporary and retro decors, Eero Saarinen tables are a fabulous addition to any home. Here at Vinterior we’re huge fans of high-quality vintage and antique furniture and are proud to include Eero Saarinen tables in our online catalogue. Browse through our marketplace today and seek out the perfect vintage table for your home.

The beauty of Eero Saarinen tables

Eero Saarinen was known for being a chameleon, able to switch up his styles to create individual and distinctive pieces that were constantly fresh. However, no matter what particular type of design was being created, all of his furniture, including the tables, stood out for their high quality.

Eero Saarinen was known for his ability to look beyond the obvious, and to see more in the role of furniture than simply being a passive part of any room. The designer believed that furniture such as his tables performed an important function and as such, should be created with respect.

Saarinen noticed that under the surface of tables there was often an “ugly, confusing, unrestful world” with tangled legs and mess. He vowed to change this by creating a line of tables which were beautiful in their simplicity.

Known most commonly as the Tulip collection, these tables still look wonderful in a range of settings. Whether in a diner or cafe, as a chill-out area for lunches in an office, or as quirky dining furniture for the home, Tulip tables are as versatile as they are attractive.

Spotting an original Eero Saarinen table

The groundbreaking designs of Eero Saarinen have spawned an entire generation of copycats but there’s simply no comparison when it comes to quality and value. However, if you’re not accustomed to his style, it can be difficult to know when you're looking at a replica and when it’s the real thing. There are however a few things to look out for.

The workmanship on Saarinen tables is exquisite, with the bases formed from one continuous piece. This means you won’t see seams or joins on an authentic Eero Saarinen table. Composition is another key factor; there’s nothing cheap or flimsy in any part of the structure. The bases come in black, white or platinum and are typically made from cast aluminium rather than plastic or wood. The immaculate attention to detail extended to the table top, too, with a rounded edge and expensive materials and veneers.

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