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Edwardian sofas are often comfortable, yet entirely lavish and luxurious in appearance. Deep buttoned backs and large cushions make an Edwardian sofa a wonderful thing to fall into after a long day. And what would the living room be without a comfortable yet stylish sofa? It simply wouldn't be a living space at all. Our collection of Edwardian sofas will make your time at home with family and friends truly enjoyable. Whether you are relaxing, watching television together or simply reminiscing over some good times and great memories, a sofa is the best place to do it. Our collection doesn't just provide stylish, antique sofas, but gives you the piece of furniture you are likely to enjoy the most in your home. A place you can gather with loved ones and build relationships. We're proud to offer furnishings that turn a house into a home.

Why choose Edwardian sofas?

You'll find a range of styles in this collection, as the Edwardian period enjoyed influences from the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movements – as well as from Queen Anne's reign. Carved legs, satinwood banding and brass mounts are all features that made an appearance during King Edward VII's time. Damask and Chintz fabrics are well used and will add something special to your home. The soft patterned fabrics, plush cushions and curved arms make an Edwardian sofa a luxurious item to have in your living space. They wouldn't look out of place in the household of a royal or aristocrat – King Edward VII himself would have rested on a sofa not dissimilar to the sofas you see in our collection.

Entirely unique and handmade, they bring much more than looks. They are hardwearing and long lasting, and feature furniture-making skills that are rarely seen today in a world of mass-produced factory furniture.

The Edwardian era was a forward thinking and daring time. With a young king on the throne who had interests in the arts, he inspired his subjects to also spend more time entertaining and enjoying cultural activities. This led to a change in furniture design, moving away from the serious and dark look of the Victorian period, and into making sofas more fun and comfortable. The Edwardians were taking a more laid back approach, looking to use their sofas to be enjoyed and rested upon.

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If you are looking for a sofa that will settle quietly into the background, you won't find that in this collection. An Edwardian sofa will most definitely catch the attention of your friends and family – but most importantly they will be eager to sit on it and see if it is as comfortable as it looks. If you find the Damask and Chintz fabrics as little too much for your living space, don't worry. There are always block colour Edwardian sofas available that will blend in nicely with your existing colour scheme. It's worth remembering that the Edwardian style was loved by the upper classes of the time, including the royals themselves - you'll be adding a regal note to your home and a touch of luxury.

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