Edwardian Sideboards

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In the days before fitted kitchens, sideboards were a very popular way to provide additional storage for glass, china and cutlery. Usually stored against the dining room wall, they were a practical yet elegant piece of furniture. Today, the sideboard offers a unique addition to any dining room, bringing not just storage but also an eye-catching sense of sophistication. Traditionally waist high but in a variety of styles and sizes, sideboards can be incredibly impactful as a stylish addition to your home. Whether you are looking to add a talking point or something more practical to your dining room, our range of vintage sideboards has a solution for you.

Why choose Edwardian sideboards?

The Arts and Crafts Movement that had begun during Queen Victoria’s reign was still a major influence. However, the Edwardian era also embraced new ideas and styles such as Art Nouveau. Edwardian sideboards are often adorned with exquisite satinwood inlays and hand painted floral or urn motifs.

Whilst mahogany was the timber of choice in the Edwardian era, furniture manufacturers began to experiment with different woods such as oak, walnut and rosewood. The results were stunning and some of the finest pieces in the Vinterior range feature beautiful grain detail bringing out the best in these woods. New machine technology led to a return of the turned leg, either in wood or brass, with brass pulls complimenting the style.

Whilst decorative themselves, Edwardian sideboards can be used to display your finest china collection and a solid oak dresser would be the perfect addition to any country kitchen. With Edwardian furniture being lighter than its Victorian predecessors, the vintage sideboards quite often come with the original brass castors that are not only decorative but practical, allowing them to be moved – ideal for the modern household.

An ornate dresser matches well with simple but rich striped wallpaper or gold damask that reflects the Edwardian period. Our range of vintage sideboards come with a variety of storage options from small side cupboards, numerous cutlery drawers and display shelves. You can even decorate with a simple vase or wine decanter and glasses for a touch of sophistication.

Shop Vinterior for Edwardian sideboards

Whether you are looking for the rustic simplicity of an oak dresser or the ornate elegance of the finest hand painted inlays, there is an Edwardian sideboard to suit your home. Practical and beautiful they are the perfect addition to your existing dining room furniture and will bring the finishing touch to your dining area.

Perhaps you are furnishing your dining room, open plan kitchen or looking for a piece for your traditional country kitchen. In any of these cases a vintage sideboard offers the perfect balance of beauty and practicality. They offer elegant storage solutions that work well in both period and contemporary settings.

The Vinterior range represents the best of traditional, ornate Edwardian design along with restored sideboards that have been hand-painted in pastel colours. Both playful and luxurious, reflecting King Edward VII’s fondness for fashion and his elegant tastes, the Edwardian period created furniture that matches the desires of the modern day.

The focus on original features such as delicate boxwood inlays or hand painted swags will make your sideboard the perfect piece in your home for years to come and will provide a unique contrast to modern storage solutions.

Are you looking to complement your existing dining room table and chairs or add additional, sophisticated storage space to your home? Browse Vinterior’s range of Edwardian sideboards to find the perfect vintage solution.