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Period fireplaces create a characterful focal point in any home, and they aren’t just reserved for old houses. An antique fire surround will bring balance to any room, serving as a substantial anchor piece around which the rest of the interior can be styled. A fire surround can be a great talking point in your home even if you don’t have a fireplace installed, with faux mantels having become increasingly popular in recent years to enhance the décor of a room and add a charming finish. The Edwardian style is a great choice for fans of antique furniture, with wooden and cast iron options available that boast original features and have an elegant period aesthetic. Take a look at the stunning selection of Edwardian fire surrounds we have listed here on Vinterior to find an original antique statement piece for your home, with each piece of furniture providing a touch of authentic early 20th century style.

Why choose Edwardian fire surrounds?

Edwardian fire surrounds are available in a variety of forms due to a range of artistic styles that influenced designers during this period. The contemporary Art Noveau and Arts and Crafts movements inspired some furniture makers of the era, while others looked back to previous epochs and reproduced furniture in the baroque, rococo and empire styles. It is for this reason that Edwardian mantels are suitable for a host of interiors and tastes.

Edwardian fireplaces were generally smaller than their Victorian counterpart, however Arts and Crafts fireplaces were often very large, with wide hearths and intricately carved mantelpieces. You can choose a style based on the size of the room in question, the materials you favour and whether you’d prefer something understated and plain, or a with elegant mouldings or carvings. Wooden surrounds from the Edwardian era are typically crafted from mahogany, walnut, pine or oak and will bring a rustic, warm touch to your household. These mantels have a natural look and can easily be complemented with plants and wreaths and for an organic, homely aesthetic. If you aren’t placing your fire surround around a working fireplace, you could fill the space with candles, logs, decorative plates or flowers for a quirky, bohemian look.

Cast iron fire surrounds from the Edwardian era made use of more modern materials for a refreshing, contemporary look. These frames would typically have tiles fixed to them to surround each side of the fireplace, with some also incorporating a wooden mantelpiece. These fire surrounds look great paired with a tiled or marble hearth for an elegant, decorative look with an authentic antique feel. Position an Edwardian mantel around a functional period fireplace in your living room, dining room or bedroom if you are fortunate enough to have one, use it as a surround for a log burner or gas stove, or set it against a wall and decorate according to preference for a more contemporary look.

Shop for Edwardian fire surrounds with Vinterior?

The Edwardian fire surrounds available here at Vinterior are each genuine pieces of early 20th century design, with a beautiful antique style that is unlike anything produced today. Each and every piece of vintage, antique or artisan furniture we sell exudes charm and style and has a story to tell, unlike the flat pack pieces available on the high street. Buying antique furniture enable you to create interiors that can never be imitated.

Browse our range of Edwardian fire surrounds to discover an original statement piece that will act as a distinctive focal point within your home. You can also use Vinterior to find more stylish antique or vintage furniture, or simply as a source of interior design inspiration.