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If you are fortunate enough to have a study or a library in your home you will, of course, need the perfect desk to complete it. The desk is the ideal place to focus and find quiet but it should also be the statement piece of any study or home office. It must offer inspiration and enable you to reach the heights of concentration. To be alone with your thoughts is a wonderful thing, and now isn’t the time to simply pick out the first desk you see – you will need a desk that gives you all you need to work and create at your best. If you have landed on this page in your search for a desk, you have come to absolutely the right place. An Edwardian desk will give you comfort, luxury and inspiration, as well as be a treasured antique in your home. Browse the collection today.

Why choose Edwardian desks?

World changing ideas were developed on a desk just like the Edwardian desks we have in our collection – the Edwardian period saw incredible advancements in science, technology and the arts. The Wright brothers made their first sustained flight, the first successful voyage was made to the South Pole, and Beatrix Potter pens The Tale of Peter Rabbit. And while the Edwardian desk you set your sights on may not have been used by any of these greats, an antique desk will always have its own rich history and stories to tell. Just think how many other great ideas and works began on the very desk you purchase from us today?

You can see why the Edwardian period was so instrumental to the amazing works it produced. Even the Edwardian desk alone is an object of beauty and inspiration. Its exquisite craftsmanship is a wonder to behold, and imitated in many modern styles today.

No recreations can compare to a genuine Edwardian desk made from strong and sturdy woods like mahogany, pine, rosewood and walnut, though. One of the most iconic features of many Edwardian writing desks is the leather finish on the table top. The sophistication of this finishing touch is very much sought after and adds luxury and grandeur. We have many Edwardian writing desks, so if that’s a feature you would fall in love with, please browse our collection to see our variety of options.

Edwardian desks: why Vinterior?

If your home requires a slightly different style or size of desk, however, why not take a look at the many bureaus listed here on our online marketplace? The bureau style has come back into popularity in recent years and this can be seen in the increased demand for antique pieces. A bureau is incredibly practical because it can be tucked away at any point if you are working in a small area, or in an office that also serves another purpose. Many of our bureaus also feature a lock and key – which is not only incredibly quaint and brings a lot of character to the piece, but offers a sense of privacy. This addition is well loved by writers, or those who still indulge in personal letter writing to loved ones.

And it doesn’t stop there – we have a selection of davenport desks, upcycled and repainted Edwardian desks and accessories. You won’t be short of choice with our collection of Edwardian desks. There was so much variety in this era, with much experimentation of new styles and looks, that we can offer so many different designs. You'll be sure to find a desk you love in our Edwardian collection.

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