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A chest of drawers is not only an entirely functional and useful piece of furniture in your home, but it can be a gorgeous statement piece for a master bedroom, living room or hallway. Chests of drawers are truly unique in this way: they are incredibly practical, offering storage space in any busy home, but can also make a space look beautiful and sophisticated. Here at Vinterior, we have a range of incredible and entirely unique chests of drawers, including our stunning Edwardian collection. Explore our products now and see if the Edwardian look is right for you.

Why choose an Edwardian chest of drawers?

As you look through our range of Edwardian chests of drawers, one of the first things you notice is how they are not unlike many styles you see today. The Edwardian period had a huge influence on the 20th century as a whole, and you’ll see many homes and public places decorated in the Edwardian style. Its artistic and technological influences of the time still resonate even today, and as you look around your own home and furnishings as they stand now, you’ll see that you may even already have some Edwardian pieces in your home.

The Edwardian style is quite a comfortable and homely one, and choosing a selection of Edwardian furnishings will make your family and visitors really feel at ease in your home. It offers a feeling of relaxation and warmth that no other era can quite match.

The Edwardian period enjoys lighter colours and materials than its predecessor, the Victorian era. Signalling a new king and therefore a new Great Britain, the Edwardian style has modern touches and even sees some older styles brought back into fashion and modernised. While an entirely Edwardian home or room is quite rare to see, it isn’t unusual to see several pieces of Edwardian furniture, or Edwardian-inspired furniture, in most homes today.

The Edwardian chest of drawers is definitely a piece you are likely to see in most homes. Large without being overbearing, and usually made from strong and sturdy woods like walnut or mahogany, an Edwardian chest of drawers is a smart choice for anyone looking to maximise their storage space without sacrificing design. Some of our Edwardian chests of drawers are painted, which can be incredibly striking and we think you will really enjoy browsing through the variety of chests of drawers we offer in this style.

You will often see Edwardian furniture painted in two tones – one main colour and one accent colour to contrast and catch the eye. You will often find delightful brass handles on Edwardian chests of drawers, too, which adds character, charm and an enhanced sense of luxury.

Edwardian furniture was made with a mixture of machine and handmade elements – but always included heavy human involvement and only the finest materials, so don’t let its age discourage you.

Edwardian chest of drawers: why shop with Vinterior?

With more than a thousand registered boutiques and trusted sellers working with us here at Vinterior, we can confidently say that there is nowhere better to find antique furniture. Our online marketplace brings the very best heritage products from around the country into one place. So, there is nowhere better to find the Edwardian chest of drawers you crave for your home.