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Sitting down and relaxing is one of life’s great pleasures. Sitting in a beautifully crafted antique chair can take the experience to another level. Adding the right chair can lift any room and impress your guests, whether the sitting room, home office or even the hall, making the right choice is crucial. Here at Vinterior we have a wide array of Edwardian chairs, from wing-backed armchairs to rosewood corner chairs and everything in between. Whether you are looking for comfort, style or exquisite workmanship, we have the chair for you. Create the right impression in your social spaces by browsing Vinterior’s stunning collection of Edwardian chairs today.

Why choose Edwardian chairs?

A well-chosen chair can become the centrepiece of your room, adding a sense of elegance and style. Imagine whiling away the hours with your favourite book or magazine whilst sat in a luxurious Edwardian armchair. Comfort and beauty go hand in hand with sumptuous upholstery, matched with cabriole legs synonymous with the Queen Anne reproductions of the time. Working from home has never been so appealing when you add a classic oak swivel chair to the home office. Equally at home with a modern desk or a period piece, it is a timeless classic.

Choosing the right sized chair for your room is important, too big and it can dominate, too small and it can get lost amongst the other furniture. At Vinterior, we have occasional bedroom chairs that can complement an Edwardian dressing table and also majestic hall chairs that can greet and astound your guests on arrival.

Edwardian chairs work perfectly with a simple and elegant decor. A luxuriously upholstered armchair will become the centre of attention whilst exquisite inlays on a mahogany corner chair show a great attention to detail.

The Edwardian period gave birth to Art Nouveau and the flows and curves that reflected the movement are evident in many of our chairs. Animal and floral motifs are evident in both the inlays and upholstery, and the influence of designers such as Charles Rennie Macintosh is evident in a number of our pieces.

Mahogany, Bamboo & Wicker Edwardian Chair Designs

Mahogany was the popular timber of the time in the early 1900s however the Edwardian era saw the emergence of a number of exotic woods such as bamboo which was incorporated into designs and wicker chairs became commonplace as conservatory or garden furniture. The increase in mechanisation saw a return to exquisitely turned legs, noticeable on some of our corner and hall chairs but hand-crafted excellence was still very much in evidence as is witnessed with some the beautiful satinwood inlays.

Shop with Vinterior for Edwardian chairs

As well as beautiful armchairs, office chairs and classic Edwardian tub chairs, we offer a number of unique pieces that will delight your guests. How about incorporating some Edwardian theatre seats into your home or adding reconditioned church benches to your dining collection? Reupholstered parlour chairs with funky modern fabrics can add a splash of colour whilst maintaining the air of Edwardian elegance. We offer classic style and elegance that reflects the Edwardian era as well as the more quirky, personal pieces that will provide a great talking piece for your guests.

Are you looking for a signature piece to elevate your sitting room or a stylish corner chair to complement your existing collection? Browse our range of exquisite Edwardian chairs to bring new life to your home.