Edwardian Cabinets

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When looking for a unique statement piece for your home, you could do a lot worse than choosing an antique cabinet. Whether you are looking for a bookcase, a glazed display cabinet or a simple bedside table cabinet, they can add a touch of quality and craftsmanship to any home. At Vinterior, our range of Edwardian cabinets has something for every room from the smallest oak pot cabinet to a magnificent glazed mahogany gun cabinet by Edinburgh cabinetmaker, John Taylor & Son. Explore our collection of cabinets today to find the perfect addition to your home

Why choose Edwardian cabinets?

Edwardian cabinets come in all shapes and sizes but the one thing they have in common is quality. Choosing from Vinterior’s collection not only guarantees that your cabinet was manufactured by skilled craftsmen but also that it has style that will stand the test of time.

Glazing became a popular feature of Edwardian furniture and many items in our range have glazed sections, sometimes with intricate patterns separating the panes. Often lined with velvet or damask, they are the ideal display cabinet for crockery, books or silverware.

The eclectic feel of the beginning of the twentieth century can be seen clearly in the Edwardian cabinets you will see listed on our site. Take a look, for example, at the stunning serpentine mahogany display cabinets with glass shelving and intricately detailed inlays. You may also find fascinating variations such as the mahogany gun cabinet made by one of Scotland’s master craftsmen, John Taylor & Son. This marvellous addition to any country home is crafted from solid oak with two side cabinets for additional storage and a central, double doored glazed gun cabinet.

Also commonly featured in our listings you will find bedside cabinets in mahogany, pine and walnut, each giving a unique feel to the bedroom. Features such as original brass drawer handles and delicate detailed inlays are the small touches that bring authenticity and added quality to the pieces.

You can tell a lot about a person from the books they read and a lot more from the quality of their bookcase. There are some fine Edwardian examples in the Vinterior range from one shelf revolving library cabinets to long mahogany glazed bookcases for the larger book collections.

Whether you are looking for additional storage or somewhere to display your finest silver or crockery, there are many stunning options sourced from our trusted sellers. From a delightful oak smoker’s cabinet to a majestic Edwardian inlaid mahogany display cabinet by London furniture maker, Maple & Co, you will be delighted by what we have to offer.

If you have a larger space to fill in your home or business, we also have Edwardian shop cabinets and display cases. From large haberdashery glazed cabinets bearing the names of suppliers of the period to mahogany serving counters with cupboards, Vinterior has some stand out pieces that would grace any home.

Is an Edwardian cabinet for you?

Whether you are after a small cabinet for the bathroom, a bedside cabinet, a corner unit to show off your crockery in the kitchen or a larger display cabinet for the sitting or dining room, each of our pieces has a story to tell. Are you looking for an Edwardian cabinet to add history to your home? Let Vinterior inspire you, and help you choose the perfect cabinet for your decor.