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There are a few designer brands that make us stand to attention, furniture design power couple Charles and Ray Eames being one of them. The pair were heavily involved in both modern architecture and furniture, with many of the iconic mid-century vintage and antique pieces you see today either created by them or influenced by them. With backgrounds in graphic design, fine art and film, Charles and Ray Eames transformed the face of furniture. Eames was known for merging different textures to create truly stunning and polished looks. Their best known chair and ottoman set, officially titled the Eames chair and ottoman, used moulded plywood and leather for example. With the success of their signature Eames lounge chair and ottoman came a range of creations, including the Eames table and chairs you see right here at Vinterior. Find the vintage mid-century Eames furniture you’ve been searching for by browsing our collection today.

Why choose Eames table and chairs?

During an era where people were only jus beginning to pay attention to the design and development of attractive furniture once more after the end of the Second World War, Charles and Ray Eames put quality and craftsmanship on the map. The pair used new materials, tools and production methods to design and manufacture their pieces. What began as the production of high standard, inexpensive furnishings for the home, turned into a range of desirable items coveted by the high end market.

The hard work of Charles and Ray Eames created some of the finest furniture pieces of the mid-century. Their designs were influenced by both architecture and fine art, whilst their inspired colour palettes added a modern twist that was unusual for the time. Now their mix of muted tones and positive accent colours provide the perfect blend for any interior design scheme. An Eames table and chairs is an excellent choice for those looking to add style, substance and a bit of design history to a room within their home.

While many Eames pieces add the pop of colour that complements minimalist interior design schemes, there are more neutral choices for vintage fans wishing to embrace the iconic Eames design. Among our listings you may find the Eames and Nelson dining room table and chair set. A collaboration between Charles and Ray Eames and fellow designer George Nelson, the set features the iconic, moulded La Fonda side chairs in a stunning and versatile beige and white finish. Like many of the Eames pieces we showcase here at Vinterior, these pieces are well suited for a modern room with a retro feel, such as a dining room or home office.

Many of the Eames’s original works are featured in museums and galleries throughout the USA but a number of pieces are available for sale thanks to our work with independent boutiques, dealers and furniture sellers across the country.

As well as providing original vintage pieces designed by Charles and Ray Eames, our experts are also passionate about refurbishing items. Staying true to the Eames’ design principles, our reclaimed and refurbished Eames table and chairs sets are stunning representations of cutting edge mid-century furnishings.

Ready to be the owner of an Eames original or a beautifully refurbished set? Browse our Eames table and chairs now and find inspiration for your home.