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Best known for creating one of America’s favourite chairs, the Eames lounge and ottoman, it’s safe to say that Charles and Ray Eames transformed the world’s view of furniture design. In the post war era, the Eames turned furniture design on its head to create kind of desirable furniture and artwork that still resonates with us more than 60 years on. Renowned for their use of new tools and techniques, this married, design power couple merged materials like leather and plywood. The result? Stunningly smooth and curvaceous moulded pieces that were unprecedented in the world of furniture design at the time. It took more than just creativity to design and develop the pieces that are now quintessential to the Eames label. With backgrounds in the industrial, graphic design, film and fine art fields, Charles and Ray Eames have a multitude of influences that they called on for ideas and inspiration. It was the couple’s fine art fixation that saw them make many significant contributions to both furniture design and modern architecture. At Vinterior, we’re proud to showcase a range of Eames fine art for your perusal. Browse our listings today and see if there’s a piece of Eames fine art that you could picture hanging from your wall.

A little more about Eames fine art

Charles and Ray Eames were undoubtedly among the most creative minds of their era. Not wanting to limit themselves to one single discipline, their ideas and designs spanned not just furniture but also architecture. Not content to limit themselves to just these areas, they also expressed themselves through fine art and literature. While it is rare to find one of their paintings today, you never know when our network of sellers will feature one of Charles’ wonderful oil paintings on our online marketplace. Indeed, both Charles and Ray were accomplished painters and their talents across the arts really had no boundaries.

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Eames in furniture

Of course, Charles and Ray’s obsession with the arts and perfecting every little minor detail can still be seen today in every piece of furniture that graces our Eames range. With chairs, tables and barstools constituting the main bulk of our Eames collection, there’s plenty of original and refurbished pieces to snap up. In fact, our partnerships with more than 1,000 independent boutiques, furniture dealers and sellers make it simple for you to own an Eames original, whether you are looking to make a one-off investment or purchase a complete set.

Featuring a variety of shapes, shades and styles, our Eames furniture range is here to make shopping for a unique vintage furniture find as simple as 1, 2, 3. Among our listings you’re certain to notice the statement Eames Herman Miller side chair, a design that is just as famed as the Eames lounge and ottoman.

Our Eames Herman Miller side chairs are available in a selection of colours, subject to availability, ranging from brights to neutrals. In addition to selecting the chair colour that suits your scheme, you can also choose from a number of bases, with walnut and metal being the most popular. Sporting the moulded design that Eames’ pieces are celebrated for, most of these chairs use original fibreglass mounted on shock mounts compared with the less favoured polypropylene utilised in more contemporary versions. With the sheer choice available, our Eames Herman Miller side chair sets can be used to cement your interior design scheme or influence it for an equally as dramatic look.

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Our boutiques and sellers are known for providing original furnishings (some vintage, some refurbished) in the best possible condition. That’s why you can enjoy all the advantages of harnessing this iconic look within your home andinvest in a quality mid-century furniture item that will stand the test of time and tell a truly amazing story in the same breath. Our Eames fine art influenced pieces are not only stunning to look at, but classic and collectable, with some styles and shades extremely rare.

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