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Charles and Ray Eames created their first successful, single-shell chair in 1950 with their moulded fibreglass chairs, also known as the Eames Plastic Chairs. These pieces transformed our idea of modern furniture by introducing a new type of seating: the multifunctional chair with a shell that could be joined with a variety of bases. Available in an array of colours and styles, the Eames Plastic Chair rapidly became a popular piece of home furniture in the post-war era, thanks to its unique design, its space efficiency and its affordability. An especially striking base that was designed for the Eames Plastic Chair was the so-called Eiffel base, crafted from steel wire for an intricate and graceful finish. The Eiffel Chair is a much-loved mid-century modern design that remains just as stylish and accessible in 21st century homes. Browse the fantastic selection of Eames Eiffel chairs listed here at Vinterior and discover why this innovative piece of furniture is so enduring. Whether you are looking for a chair for your study, a set for your dining room or a vintage piece of design for your living room, there’s something to suit your needs.

Why choose Eames Eiffel chairs?

The steel-wire base of the Eames DSR model, or the ‘Eiffel Chair’, is an elegant bit of design that elevates this already iconic item of furniture into an impressive statement piece for your home. The base of this chair is like no other in the way that it combines lightness and grace with structural strength, providing an inspired design that is as durable as it is beautiful.

The one-piece seat shell is subtly moulded to fit the contours of the human body, ensuring exceptional comfort. The renowned Eiffel Chair is also available in both the classic Eames side chair and armchair models, making it a versatile piece that can be incorporated into any room.

The Eiffel chair is available in a broad range of colours, making it easy to find one that will work well within your chosen interior. If you are looking to add seating to a bright, eclectic space, a set of four Eiffel chairs in contrasting colours will look great around your dining table or at a breakfast bar. Models with full upholstery or seat cushions are a great choice for study spaces or in bedrooms, to complement modern-style desks or dressing tables.

Eames Eiffel chairs: why buy Vinterior?

Each and every Eames Eiffel Chair available here at Vinterior is a product of quality craftsmanship and will add a touch of retro style to your home. Unlike modern flat-pack furniture which can easily be replicated, the broad range of vintage, antique and artisan furniture we sell has a story to tell. Invest in an iconic piece of mid-century design and add character to your interiors, creating a space that is full of personality.

We love new, too

As well as listing vintage Eames Eiffel chairs from the 1950s, we also sell a range of newly produced styles online at Vinterior. This popular retro chair is still manufactured today by Herman Miller and Vitra, who produce these original pieces in close partnership with the Eames Office to ensure they follow the original design specifications and retain the same sense of character.

Today, Eames plastic chairs are crafted from recyclable polypropylene rather than fibreglass, as this is an environmentally friendly alternative to the original material.

Discover an exclusive range of Eames Eiffel Chairs here at Vinterior and let a variety of vintage and antique finds inspire you to complete your interior design project.

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