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The dining room is a space for coming together and having a good time, whether you are enjoying the company of your family over an evening meal or entertaining guests. As a hub of social activity, it is important that you get this room just right, creating a comfortable, dynamic and welcoming space by investing in unique furniture that is both functional and stylish. Authentic Eames furniture promises to deliver on all fronts, providing a variety of sleek, modern styles that will draw attention and meet a range of needs. Whether you want to host glamorous dinner parties or use your dining room as a multi-functional area where you can also study, read or play games, the iconic collections of dining tables from Eames are a great place to start. Browse our range of Eames dining tables now.

Why choose Eames dining tables?

Renowned for their unique eye for detail and innovative use of materials, iconic American design duo Charles and Ray Eames created every piece of Eames furniture with the same passion for modern design and quality craftsmanship. Vintage dining tables from Eames come in a variety of styles, yet each piece has the enduring appeal of this truly iconic brand. Each dining table you will find featured here at Vinterior showcases the playful, clean aesthetic that characterises Eames products. These tables can be incorporated into a host of different interiors to provide a distinctive look.

The Eames Contract Table is ideal for dining areas in which space is at a premium, being a smaller option that can act as a multi-purpose surface. These tables were designed in the 1950s, all built on a single universal base that could be paired with a family of table tops in different sizes and shapes. The Eames Contract Tables are available with round or square table tops in various dimensions to suit any space, each one being a high-quality piece with a powder-coated base and therefore equally suitable for use in indoor and outdoor settings. For a versatile solution, invest in two square Contract Tables, which can be positioned side by side to create a larger dining table when you are entertaining visitors.

The Eames Segmented Table is another classic piece with a modern design. It is similar to the Contract Table only with a bigger table-top that is perfect for seating larger families. Both the curved and rectangular designs will make stunning centrepieces for your dining room and can easily be paired with iconic Eames chairs for a pop of colour.

Eames dining tables: why buy with Vinterior?

Each Eames dining table available here at Vinterior has been expertly crafted following original design specifications and will provide a unique point of interest within your home. Unlike modern flat pack furniture, every piece of vintage, antique and artisan furniture we sell has a story to tell. Add a touch of mid-century chic to your home to create a charming space with its own individual sense of style.

We love new, too

In addition to selling vintage Eames dining tables from the 1950s and 1960s here at Vinterior, we also offer more recent dining table models from the brand. Certain enduring styles are still manufactured today by Herman Miller and Vitra, who produce these original dining tables in close partnership with the Eames Office to ensure they retain the same popular design and sense of character. Whether you are buying a vintage piece of furniture or a newly produced item, you can be certain that each and every Eames dining table listed on our website is the product of expert craftsmanship.

Here at Vinterior you’ll find a range of fantastic products as well as all the inspiration you need to make your design dream a reality.