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A perfectly crafted vintage coffee table can act as the focal point of your living space, while also acting as a practical furniture addition. From storing books and magazines to displaying a stunning flower arrangement, there are endless functional reasons for investing in the right coffee table, and on top of all this, it simply looks great. You may think that a coffee table simply needs to feature a simple wooden top and four legs. But finding the right coffee table can truly transform your home, which is why investing in a leading brand such as Eames is always a good idea. These iconic coffee tables are available from Vinterior, so take your time and enjoy browsing our Eames coffee table collection today.

Why choose a retro Eames coffee table?

For over four decades, Charles and Ray Eames pioneered the mid-century design movement with game-changing furniture pieces. Their combined fascination with industrial design, manufacture, graphic design, art and photography made them a force to be reckoned with, and their classic pieces are a reflection of their dedication to creativity and innovation.

Throughout the 20th century, the pair built up their names as a recognised brand – Eames – and became figureheads of mid-century furniture, producing a prolific range of designs such as the Eames Lounge Chair (1956), DSW Chair (1950) and Eames House (1949). All of the pieces created by Eames are still heralded to this day for their innovative use of new materials.

Among the many pieces created by Eames, their coffee tables stand out as a real luxury addition to any home. At first, the sleek designs of Eames coffee tables appear deceptively simple, but there is plenty there to get excited about. The combination of chic materials and smooth lines creates an attractive silhouette which is instantly recognisable as quintessentially Eames. This gives a coffee table from Eames the duel benefit of blending into any space while also acting as a statement piece.

Modern teak and glass coffee tables by Eames

From more modern teak and glass tables and simple square designs to quirky elliptical options, there are plenty of coffee tables from Eames to explore at Vinterior. We are firm believers in the benefits of going vintage, from the aesthetic perks to the practical elements. Not only does vintage furniture look beautiful and unique; it is also durable and reliable, having already proven a capability for standing the test of time and repeated use. Vintage furniture is also a green option, acting as a sustainable alternative to buying new items from the high street. A focus on upcycling and repurposing means that even the most environmentally conscious furniture shopper can enjoy a stunning item of vintage furniture guilt-free.

Why shop with Vinterior for an Eames coffee table?

Vinterior is the best place on the web to find vintage, artisan, antique and retro furniture for your home, thanks to our selection of over a thousand premium pieces from across styles and time periods.

We are all about characterful, quality pieces that have their own story to tell, no matter whether that story is old or new. Many of the leading mid-century furniture designers are still creating designs to this day, including Eames. As such, you’ll find plenty of more contemporary coffee tables within our collection with all the charm, character and track record you would expect when shopping vintage.

Looking for a beautiful new centrepiece for your living room? Find the perfect coffee table for you by browsing Vinterior today.

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