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When it comes to interior design, storage is the unsung hero of the operation. We tend to forego thinking about storage in favour of upholstery, colours and decoration, but storage is absolutely vital to any home that doesn’t want to fall victim to clutter. This is particularly true in the bedroom, where a chest of drawers is paramount. But storage doesn’t just need to be practical. It can also be a stylish addition to any space, elevating its sense of luxury. In order to pull this off, the right design is necessary, which is why many people turn to celebrated brands like Eames. Enjoy exploring the selection of vintage Eames chest of drawers available here at Vinterior.

A little on Charles and Ray Eames

The names Charles and Ray Eames are synonymous with the highest level of excellence in furniture design. The couple took the furniture industry by storm in the 20th century, gaining a reputation for sleek, functional designs that transformed the way we think about form and function. Their combined expertise in fields such as graphic design, industrial design, photography, art and architecture formed an unparalleled knowledge base with which they created some of the most iconic furniture items of the last 100 years, including the globally recognised Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman of 1956.

The work of Charles and Ray won them many prestigious awards, including an Honorary Doctorate from the Otis College of Art and Design in 1984, and led to Eames becoming one of the most iconic mid-century furniture brands. Their creations stretched far beyond seating, including tables, stools, dining furniture and chests of drawers.

Discover Eames chest of drawers with Vinterior

An Eames chest of drawers brings fashion and function together in perfect harmony, revealing the quintessentially sleek mid-century style that the brand has become known for. These designs are reminiscent of mid-century Danish woodwork and bring together clean lines, curves and accent handles for an overall look that is simply chic and yet often striking in its individuality.

Eames is just one of many brands available at Vinterior, where you can browse through thousands of high quality pieces, including chests of drawers from across styles and eras. We specialise in premium vintage, antique and artisan pieces with their own story to tell. We believe that character is a quality that cannot be imitated, which is why every vintage item in Vinterior’s extensive collection that has a rich history and has been loved by its owners for many years, is a special item to be cherished. Our vintage and mid-century chests of drawers from Eames and other brands are sure to act as a stylish statement in your bedroom or social space.

Mid century chest of drawers by Eames

Shopping for storage means being practically-minded, as well as considering aesthetic appeal. Thankfully, vintage furniture is also the smart choice for even the savviest shopper, due to the durability and reliability of the pieces in question. Vintage furniture stands strong as time passes, and possesses a sustainable quality thanks to a focus on repurposing and upcycling.

Owning a piece of vintage furniture means owning your own piece of history, but here at Vinterior we also know the importance of moving with the times. Many of the leading furniture designers of times gone by are still in operation today, including Eames, which is why you will also find many of the more contemporary furniture items within our collection.

So what are you waiting? Browse today and find your perfect chest of drawers at Vinterior.

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