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For most manufacturers, it is a challenging task to achieve flawless design at an affordable price. Ducal has employed innovative methods to make its products represent value for money without compromising on style of build quality. Shopping for furniture can be quite tricky but over the years Ducal has proven itself to be a brand that makes luxury and quality affordable and attainable. Known as much for its dressers as anything else, Ducal’s wooden furniture is exceptionally made and will add aesthetic appeal to any home. Shop for Ducal furniture with Vinterior today.

Choosing Ducal furniture

The range of Ducal furniture available here at Vinterior is both diverse and impressive. Whether it's your bedroom, kitchen, sitting room or dining room, Ducal furniture will fit in perfectly to give your home a stylish look. The style used to craft the furniture combines a Scandinavian technique with a British modern design to produce furniture that’s calming and cool.

For dining furniture solutions, Ducal ‘Forma’ dining fits in seamlessly. The exquisite pieces are created from solid European oak and veneer, guaranteeing the durability of the set. Ducal chairs are available with most dining tables, available in six different shades to suit your décor. The Ducal ‘Forma’ dining lamp table is compact making it suitable where space limited. The table is versatile with a drawer on the side where small dining cutlery can be placed for easier access. The extended table is stylish like the lamp table with a size to accommodate more people during meal time.

The Ducal kitchen dresser is another of the brand’s signature pieces, well suited to any farmhouse kitchen or rustic room. The piece provides enormous storage space with plenty of cupboards and drawers. For a home with a sizeable amount of kitchenware, this is the ideal installation.

In need of a desk for your home office? Take a look at the Ducal pine computer. The sliding table has drawers to house both the computer and to store files at your convenience. For a workplace where there is a lot of paperwork and efficient storage this item of furniture offers ample room that can then be tucked away at the end of the day.

Refurbished Ducal furniture

While Ducal furniture may not have the heritage or the style of an ornate Victorian piece or the backstory of an Edwardian item, there is a lot to be said for buying solid, hardwood pieces of furniture that have been made with great workmanship and attention to detail. If you are looking to improve the look of your bedroom with something that is stylish but not too edgy, why not simply opt for an upcycled chest of drawers. Here at Vinterior you will see examples of Ducal pieces that have been repainted in a range of colours, often with knobs replaced to add an extra touch of intrigue.

Other pre-loved items to look out for include Ducal mirrors and ceramics from the early to mid-20th century.

We sell new, too

As a successful furniture brand, Ducal continues to produce high quality and elegant furniture right up to this day. While we love vintage and antique products here at Vinterior we also love brands that continue to stand for build quality and character in the 21st century. While a Ducal contemporary piece may not have the heritage of its vintage relations, it can certainly bring comfort and happiness to you in your home.

Shop for Ducal furniture with VinteriorVinterior has all your interior décor solutions. The furniture available at Vinterior not only provides beauty in design but also offers reliability. For contemporary furniture that guarantees functionality look no further than our online marketplace.

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