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There are certain items of furniture that can instantly make a house feel like a home. And a dresser is certainly one of them. Whether it’s a dining cabinet for displaying your finest china or a dresser to add a touch of country charm to your bedroom, there are many options here at Vinterior to transform a space. Add elegance, style and a sense of character to your home by choosing from the vintage dressers, hand painted dressers, antique cabinets and oak Welsh dressers for sale. Browse the dressers collection today.

Vintage dressers

Nobody does elegance better than the French, and an elegant French dresser is the perfect way to add a touch of class and luxury to your home. That’s why at Vinterior you’ll discover an extensive collection of antique French dressers, including stunningly decorated chests of drawers and larger French sideboards.

If it is a sense of opulence and grandeur you want to add to your room, look no further than a French dresser made from a rich wood and inlaid with floral decorations. These pieces often feature intricate and detailed handles making them perfect for those who wish to evoke the sense of a traditional French chateau. Prefer something a little more French bohemian? How about an antique oak dresser with shelves for a shabby chic finish?

Of course, it’s not just French dressers you’ll find at Vinterior. Our listings include beautiful dressers and cabinets from around the globe, including luxurious antique Italian dressers complete with vanity mirrors and gilded wood.

Quirky and elegant mid century dressers

Of course, dressers don’t have to be opulent additions to the home. Instead your décor may demand a cleaner, minimalist design, or perhaps something a bit more retro and funky. An attractive 1950s, 1960s or 1970s dresser can offer the luxury of antique furniture with a modern flair, making it the perfect addition to a contemporary setting. Popular materials like teak add a thoroughly modern finish to these vintage pieces.

Looking for inspiration? Why not check out something a little bit different and explore the Danish dressers by celebrated designer, Frank Guille.

Antique Welsh dressers for sale

At Vinterior, you’ll also find a stunning collection of vintage dressers with a rich history and a quintessentially British feel. From English pine bookcases to Welsh kitchen dressers, we have antique cabinets to suit every need and style. Features such as glass panels and spotlights allow you to not only store your goods but also showcase them.

Bring the colour with painted dressers

Our extensive collection of painted kitchen dressers can add an exciting pop of colour to the heart of your home. Even older antique items, like heavily carved colourful sideboards, still retain many of their original features to offer your interior décor something truly special. We also have many painted mid century dressers that are sure to stand out for all the right reasons.

Find your perfect antique dressers at Vinterior

You might think of vintage furniture as being of a very particular style, but the truth is there is a huge range of styles, materials and designs to be discovered and enjoyed at Vinterior. If you are looking for a dresser, vintage is a great way to go. Explore the collection today.