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Want something a little bit special for your home? When creating the perfect look for your living space, hallway or other social area, a beautiful designer coffee table can really bring everything together. While they might not at first glance be the type of furniture to catch the eye, coffee tables are one of the most widely used pieces of furniture in our homes, so why not choose one that stands out from the crowd and brings a unique style to your interior space? Explore our collection here at Vinterior today.

Choosing a designer coffee table

There are several decisions to be made when shopping around for a coffee table. Do you want a piece that will blend seamlessly with the rest of your décor? Do you want your coffee table to become a statement piece or should it simply punctuate the vibe created by your other furniture? Are you drawn towards period pieces or would you rather install something more contemporary?

Find an eclectic mix of designer right here at Vinterior. Whether you love the ornate detailing of a low Victorian table, prefer the bold design of the Art Deco look or want a sculputural piece from the 1960s – the Knutt Hesterberg propeller coffee table in glass and aluminium is one to watch out for – there is surely a vintage designer coffee table here for you.

Add some Scandi elegance to a cosy living space with a Niels Bach piece in solid Danish teak. All set in your living room? Then why not give your home’s hallway a revamp with a chic Ronald Schmitt round coffee table.

What do designer coffee tables add to your home?

A designer coffee table will bring a unique sense of character to your interior space and you can be sure that you won’t see the same piece in any of your neighbours’ homes. Not only this, but designer furniture is, on the whole, created using quality materials and built in a way that makes it beautiful without compromising on its aesthetic appeal. Enjoy years of use from a high-quality coffee table that will be a timeless conversation-starter, wherever you choose to place it.

Mid Century Designer Coffee Tables for Sale

Find beautiful European designer coffee tables from the mid-Century. Designers like Niels Bach and Peter Hvidt bring an unmatchable elegance and functionality to their creations that you seldom see in contemporary furniture. Whatever your personal taste and the style of your interior, you’ll find the perfect coffee table and more to complement it in our online marketplace.

Designer coffee tables: the charm of antique, vintage and retro furniture

There is an irresistible charm to furniture made during a different time in history, hence the eternal popularity of antique, vintage and retro pieces. Nostalgia is a powerful feeling; as is the sense of history and the idea that an item tells a story. Don’t be generic: fill your home with a rich collection of furniture and ornaments that mean something to you and allow you to express your unique personality.

As well as their aesthetic appeal, designer coffee tables are practical and reliable. They are created to be sturdy and durable and allow you avoid the fragility of disposable modern furniture and instead make an investment in a quality piece for your home that will provide you with years of use and enjoyment.Find your dream designer coffee table online here at Vinterior.