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When it comes to the expansive world of interior design, vintage furniture is a foolproof source of character and charm for many of us. For anyone familiar with vintage designs, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. If individuality and personality are key to the look and feel of your home, vintage furniture is the way to go. Even better, discovering vintage furniture is easier than ever before. At Vinterior, you’ll find thousands of stunning vintage items which encompass the glamour and sophistication of original 20th century design. Enjoy browsing our collection today and discover the perfect addition to your home.

Why design vintage?

The term “vintage” can be hard to define as it includes so many different styles and eras. Yet, broadly speaking we can describe vintage furniture as that of the 20th century, generally beginning with the Art Deco creations of the 1920s. There are many associations with the word “vintage”, inspiring thoughts of timeless, classic and attractive pieces of furniture, fashion and jewellery. In recent years, despite a constant stream of mass-produced modern furniture, vintage has only grown in popularity and become a luxurious way to elevate the look and feel of a home with high quality furniture additions.

The 1920s and 30s saw culture flourish post-war, with innovative and experimental changes in arts, literature, politics and design. Movements such as Art Deco celebrated the clean lines and dynamic elegance of geometric designs, using features such as metallic elements and stained glass to make a sleek impact in the home. Many people embraced the colourful lighting, mirrors and furniture that this era produced as a rebellion against the more ornate designs of the 19th century – those which we would now class as antique.

As war struck again and the decadence of the roaring 20s and 30s subsided, the 1940s saw a large Scandinavian influence. Living spaces generally became smaller, and designers responded with cleaner, simpler designs with no shortage of elegance. There was a focus on durable and practical woods and other materials, which is why pieces from this time tend to still look as fresh today as they did 80 years ago.

Minimalism become a popular school of design post-war in the 1950s, bringing furniture back to basics. This style built on the Scandinavian and Danish influences of the previous decade and took them to the next level, using materials such as teak and walnut to create deceptively simple luxury pieces. This movement was spearheaded by designers like G-Plan and Ercol. Because a greater focus was given to practical design, vintage pieces from this time take on a utilitarian look.

As furniture moved into the 1960s and 70s, the mid-century feel of simplicity remained, but designers allowed themselves to have more fun with their creations, reflecting the free-spirited nature of the time. Bright colour palettes, unique textures and quirky forms allowed pieces to take on a look that was both futuristic and bohemian.

Find beautiful vintage furniture at Vinterior

When it comes to design, vintage furniture can mean a lot of things. But whatever your vintage preferences are, you can find what you are looking for at Vinterior. We are the largest online marketplace for unique furniture that tells a story, featuring many thousands of pieces from across history. You’ll even find contemporary items in our collection, each one possessing the quality craftmanship and character you would expect from the finest vintage pieces.

See for yourself just how eclectic and exciting vintage furniture can be. Browse Vinterior today and get inspired.