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Davenport Desk

Whether you work from home, enjoy writing letters, notes and stories or simply have a craving for a truly luxurious piece of furniture in your home, then a vintage Davenport desk is an essential investment. The ornate elegance of these antique pieces can instantly elevate the way your home looks and feels, while also drawing the eye and drawing compliments.

Not only is a vintage or antique desk a highly functional piece of furniture, but it carries with it an unrivalled reputation for elegance and opulence which makes it one of the most desirable and impressive home additions. So if you’re on the hunt for beautiful antique pieces to spruce up your interior design, you’re in the right place. Explore the collection of antique Davenport desks available here at Vinterior today.

Choosing an antique Davenport desk

The Davenport desk is a small desk characterized by its inclined lifting desktop attached by hinges. Beneath this top is a generous storage compartment for paper, writing implements and other necessities. There are also other storage elements including pigeon holes and small drawers, making an antique Davenport desk a practical home addition as well as a stylish and historical one.

A davenport desk acts as a kind of compact office, providing everything you need to be productive within an arm’s reach, as well as a stunning design to admire endlessly. When you write on an antique Davenport desk, you’re writing on a piece of furniture which already has a story to tell.

What to look for in an antique Davenport desk

Using woods like walnut, mahogany and rosewood, Davenport desks are designed to be durable as well as dynamic and elegant. The natural woodgrain patterns work beautifully against the intricate carvings and sleek form, complete with curved legs and ornate handles.This is a piece of furniture which makes people stop and take notice. The carvings come in many different forms, with each desk offering something different for you to enjoy. It really is no wonder that Davenport desks have been a popular choice since the 19th century. Nowadays, they are widely sought after as stunning collector’s items.

Introducing an antique Davenport desk into your home

The naturally perfect place to introduce an antique Davenport desk is of course a home office. As more and more of us take to working from home thanks to increasing communication technology, a home office is becoming more and more necessary. The right desk can offer convenience, comfort and inspiration throughout the working day, which is exactly what you get with an antique Davenport desk. This ornate piece can act as a stunning centrepiece in any home office.

Of course, there are many other places in your home where an antique Davenport desk fits in. A writing desk works wonders when doubled as a dressing table in the master bedroom, or it can make a stylish and elegant bureau in the living room, hallway, or anywhere that could benefit from a charming reading nook.

We love new and upcycled Davenport desks, too

You no longer need to scour your local markets and second-hand shops in order to find one-of-a-kind furniture for your home. Vinterior makes it possible to find vintage, retro, artisan and antique furniture all in one place, from the comfort of your own home.

We are the largest marketplace for premium furniture that’s unique and full of character, with its own story to tell. We also specialise in new, bespoke and upcycled furniture, including upcycled Davenport desks which take all the beauty of antique furniture but add a modern twist.

Explore our collection today and find the perfect addition for your home.