Dark Wood Sideboards

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Traditionally dark wood furniture was difficult to find a place for in the modern day home. As more and more rustic inspired interior design trends come to the forefront, however, many are realising just how incredibly chic and stylish dark wood furnishings are. With darker, brooding shades creating perfect backdrops, choosing the right dark wood furniture for your scheme is all that’s left to do to finish your beautifully sophisticated space. Dark wood sideboards are popular choices for those looking to embrace a moodier look and unlock massive storage potential. Great for decorating dining rooms, hallways, lounges, bedrooms and home offices, our dark wood sideboards offer the versatility that every home deserves. Shop our collection of dark wood sideboards now to find the inspiration and ideas you need to bring your statement design to life.

Why choose dark wood sideboards?

If you are not yet a dark wood furniture convert, the question on your lips right now is likely to be – why should I go for dark wood? While we supply a variety of vintage and antique pieces in lighter shades here at Vinterior, we are also fans of dark wood alternatives – and for good reason. Sturdy, well made and brimming with style, our dark wood sideboards have the charm and character to create a stunning look and feel within your home. As your tastes change and trends evolve, the elegance and sophistication dark wood provides ensures an enduring finish that will translate to any interior design style. Buying a dark wood sideboard is about more than complementing your desired interior design look now, it’s about investing in a furniture piece that will be with you for the long haul.

Our collection of dark wood sideboards provides plenty of food for thought, whether you are new to using dark wood or dark wood has always been your favourite. You’ll find a number of sideboard sizes meaning you can harness the furniture and storage solutions that work for spaces big and small.

Contrary to popular belief, dark wood doesn’t have to mean black or deep brown either. The vast majority of the dark wood sideboards you’ll find in our extensive collection have been painted to add a subtle burst of colour to your interior. Among our listings you may find our dark green painted and distressed sideboard. This ultra-elegant option is perfect for those wanting to complement shabby chic schemes. Looking to embrace a rawer, rugged, industrial look within your home? A Shipton reclaimed scaffolding board and perforated steel sideboard is a made to measure look that will really work. Subject to availability, this industrially inspired dark wood sideboard uses reclaimed walnut stained scaffolding board and salvaged vintage steel doors to guarantee the gritty look famed by the industrial design movement.

Our dark wood sideboards range from vintage and antique to reclaimed and refurbished to give you access to the most unique furniture options around. We actively collaborate with independent boutiques, furniture dealers, sellers and professional upcyclers across the country to bring a vast range of stunning dark wood creations to interior design fans like you. The furniture we supply is more than just a storage solution for your home, it’s a statement piece that everyone will notice and a story that everyone will want to know.

Browse our dark wood sideboards range today and get one step closer to finding the furnishings that are perfect for you.