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One piece of retro furniture that has become synonymous with the 1950s, and continues to be a popular choice for interior design today, is the Dansette coffee table. A statement coffee table in the classic Danish style, Dansette designs are notable for their characteristically elegant legs and sleek polished wood or formica tops. Practical and stylish, a quality coffee table can really bring together the look of a living room, and can also be used in a bedroom, bathroom, conservatory or hallway. Add a touch of mid-century elegance to your interior space whilst at the same time investing in a quality item that is built to last. Browse the collection of authentic Dansette coffee tables at Vinterior today, and find the perfect one to complete your interior look.

Qualities of Dansette coffee tables

Typically, Dansette coffee tables exhibit the features you would associate with much of the furniture made in the 1950 and 60s. After World War II, many traditional furniture materials were in short supply, so more minimalist design styles and different types of industrial materials were used to create pieces that were more basic, yet no less stylish or durable.

The traditional Dansette coffee table is in a simple style that is reminiscent of Danish Modern design. This evolved into the minimalist Scandi furniture design that we know well to this day. Many Dansette coffee tables are crafted from polished popular hardwoods such as Teak, and have screw-on legs. They are lightweight, elegant and easy to move around should you want to change the layout of your room.

Whether you choose to feature your Dansette coffee table as a statement piece in a bedroom, or to display lighting, plants or ornaments in your living area, this versatile item is an effortless way to bring classic mid-century style and minimalism to both a modern and a classic interior look.

Why choose Dansette coffee tables?

Mid-century furniture continues to be one of the most popular collections from which interior designers and homemakers alike find inspiration for their interior spaces. Its unrivalled freshness and ongoing relevance to contemporary interior design trend both mean that original Dansette pieces in good condition continue to be sought after.

Born from a need to be imaginative with limited materials, and create pieces that last, and at the same time can be passed down from generation to generation, many consider Danish modern style and Scandi furniture to be synonymous with the main furniture trends of the 1950s and 60s.

Choosing an original retro piece for your home, like a Dansette coffee table, is a surefire way to inject a splash of character into your space. Each and every retro furniture item has its own history and a story to tell. Add another dimension to your living space and enjoy owning something that none of your friends will have. A great conversation starter, Dansette coffee tables are no longer in production, so getting your hands on an original that’s in good condition is a real find. Ideally, it should be treasured and kept as an investment, or passed down as a family heirloom.

However you choose to decorate your home, you’ll find inspiration and one-off gems aplenty at Vinterior. With thousands of stunning antique and vintage pieces listed by more than a thousand UK sellers, our online platform is the place to shop for fine furniture. Browse and find your next vintage home item today.