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Dansette was a mid-Century British company that created popular record players and other items. The brand’s distinctive design features included four, slender two-tone legs to keep the record player, tape player or radio set off the ground and add to the feeling that it was a piece of furniture and part of the home setup. Features of Dansette record players were also incorporated into pieces of furniture, creating stylish and elegant stools, tables and trolleys in line with the contemporary minimalism of the 1950s and 60s. Discover original and affordable Dansette pieces today at Vinterior, and breathe a little mid-century vintage charm into your home. Whether you’re adding a retro twist to a Victorian house, or bringing a splash of character to a modern bathroom, Vinterior is your number one online marketplace for authentic Dansette products.

The charm of Dansette furniture

As with all vintage and retro furniture, Dansette brings a sense of nostalgia and character to your interior space. Many people today may remember Dansette record players in the homes of their parents or grandparents growing up. As found so often with decor and furniture from the 1950s, there is an emphasis on simplicity and a minimal use of materials. Gone were the days of lavish ornamentation: simple, clean designs and lightweight industrial materials were favoured instead.

Typical Dansette items include: coffee tables, upholstered stools and footstools, dining chairs and tables, cocktail carts and other storage solutions such as sewing boxes and blanket cases. It is easy to see that Dansette style was heavily influenced by the contemporary Danish Modern movement of minimalism in furniture design in the 1950s and 60s. This style focused on clean lines and a focus on function and usability. The needs of the user were always at the forefront of furniture design during this time, with the old customs of ornamentation and highly decorative design features now irrelevant to daily lifestyle.

More people were now able to afford their own furniture, so a wider selection of affordable pieces became available. As this trend grew, it gave people a greater opportunity to express their tastes and take pride in their interior design skills.

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