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The Danish are well known for their crisp design and clean, elegant lines. Since the mid-20th century, Danish designers have been famed for combining style and functionality. If you would like to incorporate a bit of Danish quality into your home, why not begin with tables. Whether it’s a statement dining table or perhaps just some living room side tables to complement your existing furniture, there are plenty of vintage Danish table options to choose from here at Vinterior.

Choosing vintage Danish tables

Fundamentally, a table needs to be sturdy and of a suitable size for role in your home. Yet even the smallest console table or side table can have a real impact on your interior design. If the idea of an unfussy, sleek and versatile table appeals to you then how about shopping for a vintage Danish piece?

Retro Style Danish dining tables

Among the many examples of teak, rosewood and mahogany Danish dining tables on our site you will find that style never comes at the expense of substance. Indeed, you will find that many of the designers like Niels Otto Moller and Am Mobler produced both drop-leaf and extending tables to add flexibility and versatility. For the modern buyer of vintage furniture this means that you can accommodate dinner parties of all sizes yet still fit your table comfortably in your house or apartment at times when floor space is needed more than eating space.

Danish nesting tables

Nesting tables in graduated sets of three are right on trend at the moment. Harking back to an era when living spaces were for drinking tea, reading books and chatting, these hugely practical nests of three different sized tables tuck neatly away when not in use. Teak is a very popular wood amongst designers for Danish tables and you will often find simple but elegant nesting tables in this material on our marketplace. Look for examples with sleek table tops and slender, tapered legs by the likes of Poul Hundevad; or perhaps opt for a slightly chunkier offering from Salling Stolefabrik.

Console tables Danish style

Console tables are particularly valuable items in the home. For those lucky enough to have sizeable hallways, a vintage Danish console table can add colour, texture and valuable surface space in a corridor. Simply add a couple of picture frames, a vase or an ornament to your table and you can quickly bring a bland hallway to life.

Danish console tables are also perfect in a living room where you need a little space to work. A relatively shallow and unobtrusive table (often less than 50cm deep), console tables can provide you with a place to study without turning your entire living room into a home office.

Browse our mid-century Danish console tables in teak or rosewood and you will find pieces that can easily work alongside minimalist, shabby chic or even rustic designs. If you are looking to achieve something a little different and perhaps even want your console table to become a statement piece, there are many examples of painted console tables that can add an accent colour to your room – be it black, white or even a more ambitious tone.

Have a small bedroom in need of a dressing area to apply makeup? A mid-century Danish console table is great for this, too.

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No matter what style or look you wish to achieve, there is nowhere better to find a vintage, antique or retro-inspired piece of furniture than our marketplace. With more than a thousand trusted sellers nationwide we are proud to have a larger range than any other website in the UK. Browse today and find your inspiration.