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An exposed wood frame, a modern, minimalist aesthetic, and a certain sleekness of design – these are the attributes frequently associated with Danish sofas. However, this is a broad category and in our marketplace you’ll also find dainty, quirky two-seaters, broad luxury leather sofas and generously stuffed ‘banana’ sofas. Our stunning collection of Danish sofas spans the entire 20th century. The slick, angular look that comes to mind when you think of classic Danish design has been flatteringly and sincerely imitated by many but the Danes always seem to have the edge on elegance. This, and other sought-after Danish looks can fit beautifully into all sorts of homes, so browse our eclectic range for seating inspiration. You’re bound to spot something you can’t resist!

Choosing Danish sofas

Whether you are looking for a shabby chic sofa or one with a ‘barely there’ look to complement a contemporary setting, our range of Danish sofas provides collectable, high-spec pieces that are both practical and stunning. For full-throttle Danish design, take a look at Larsen sofas in solid teak, with chrome detailing and adjustable cushions that can be used in numerous configurations. Or, what about a gently curved, Georg Thams banana sofa with outward splayed legs, upholstered arms and a quintessentially 1960s shape?

Another Danish designer who made a significant contribution to the country’s reputation for producing exquisite furniture is Grete Jalk. Jalk designed for France & Son and her pieces brought excellent design into the homes of ordinary people. Look out for striking, yet simple three piece suites, as well as one-off pieces.

For a slightly softer take on the Danish style, we often feature pieces from the 1970s, which tend to be less angular than earlier mid-century pieces. Offering a slightly mellower version of the sharp forms of the sixties and early seventies, these are ideal for small sitting rooms or even large bedrooms. If something curved is your preference, then take a look at the petite Danish banana sofas, sometimes sold with matching chairs and dating from the 1930s/1940s. Often prettily covered in floral prints, seating of this type would be perfection in a dressing room or snug sitting room.

Other Danish sofas have an evocative Art Deco feel, a real contrast to later designs and an ideal alternative if you’re looking for flowing lines in your home. Even earlier are the stunning 19th century empire cabinet sofas and daybeds. These very powerful statement pieces, ever practical, include an integral drawer and lockable compartments in the armrests – for the Danes style is always functional.

Shop for Danish sofas with Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we have sought out lovingly restored and cared-for pieces to bring you the very best of Danish style and design from across the decades. This tempting array of quality vintage pieces will help you fine-tune your preferences as you wander through the years and observe the stylistic changes. We have something for everyone and even sofas for restoration for those who want to make their own mark. For individual chairs, sofas or full suites including day beds, browse through our online collection and you’ll be spoilt for choice. Thanks to a national network of trusted sellers, there is nowhere better in the UK to find heritage and unique furniture than our marketplace.