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There’s something very romantic about the Danish rocking chair. Whether it’s positioned in the kitchen by an open fire, in the nursery awaiting a new arrival, or in the prime TV-watching spot, this piece of furniture brings with it a healthy dose of ‘hygge.’ However, for all their cosiness and fairy-tale finish, Danish rocking chairs are as well designed and carefully engineered as any other piece of quality Danish furniture. Homely and traditional or funky and eye-catching, Danish rocking chairs come in a surprising number of styles to suit many tastes. Have a look at the Vinterior website to discover the many different types.

Why choose Danish rocking chairs?

The Danish are often heralded as a nation that know how to live well and healthily. In this fast-paced modern world, the watchword now is wellbeing – taking care of yourself, and enjoying quality downtime. The Danish concept of hygge is central to this idea of escaping life’s stresses and strains with a little warmth, luxury and retreat.

Peaceful time in a beautiful Danish rocking chair is classic hygge and for many, the G Plan rocking chair with its low-slung seat and double upholstery (seat and back), is an easy choice. Built of high quality oak and fitting perfectly into the mid-century vibe that’s currently so popular, these pieces have frequently been lovingly restored. Look out for gorgeous modern fabrics and carefully sanded wood. Alternatively, there are also more traditional-looking Danish rocking chairs. Built with higher, splayed backs, large rockers and usually not upholstered, these pieces have a classic country style. Look out for Niels Eilersen pieces, which variously feature both curved balloon backs and straight-edged ladder backs.

Many Danish rocking chairs celebrate the style and glamour of the 1950s and 1960s. Danish designer Hans Olsen produced gorgeous, generously proportioned chairs using teak, with woven backs and soft suede seats. In the 1970s, Verner Panton went for a fluid, minimalist design that is more rocker than chair. Renovated for the modern home, these organic chairs are real talking pieces. If you are more of a traditionalist then a solid square frame rocking chair may be more to your taste with deep upholstery and beautifully finished wood. These rocking chairs have all the clean lines that Danish furniture is renowned for with an almost sleigh-like curve to the rockers, a fusion of both movement and square simplicity.

Rocking chairs can have a place in almost every room in the house. Some people like them in a cosy kitchen near the Aga, others hide them away in the bedroom for moments of solitude and real peace. Pop one in your lounge and you might find they are rather too popular. There is something comforting about the gentle rock back and forth that seems to have a calming effect on both the rocker and those around them. After all, it is unusual to have a piece of furniture that actually moves!

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Our varied range of Danish rocking chairs has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for traditional styling or a statement piece to build your look around. There is a range of upholstery options; go for either leather or fabric, with classic prints, or well-worn seats, perfect for by the fireside or to introduce a little domestic cosiness to a modern studio. Danish rocking chairs are full of surprises so explore our website to find out more.