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Whatever your dining requirements, whether you have an intimate cosy space to furnish or something large and palatial, our collection of Danish Dining Chairs are drawn from a range of classic designers from across the last century and beyond. It is safe to say that Danish style is currently right on trend but it will also appeal to you if you are a lover of retro interiors in general. So step away from the mass-market flat-pack options and take a closer look at our vintage and contemporary Danish dining chairs.

Why choose Danish dining chairs?

Danish designers tend to favour certain woods, and most common amongst these are teak and rosewood. Whatever your colour scheme, you will find something to suit from the creamy honeyed hue of rich teak to the dark moody opulence of rosewood. Danish dining chairs can come in a variety of different upholstery options, depending on the designer and the period in which they were manufactured. While leather is a popular material, of course, you will also find chairs in a range of fabrics and even a cane seat.

The simple lines of these dining chairs have a beautiful regularity, which is both pleasingly uniform but soft and mellow. Often described as being sleek without creeping into minimalism, Scandinavian design is at once stylish and utilitarian. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the slender legs, curved backs and angled seat of many Danish dining chairs, particularly those from the mid-20th century.

For a large dining space, why not opt for a set of vintage retro teak dining chairs by Erik Buch. These will look ideal teamed with a teak dining table and would also work in a small funky office space thanks to the 60s vibe. Alternatively, Danish chairs work well when mixed and matched to create an eclectic and informal dining space. After all, your dinner guests are all different personalities, so why not make your seating reflective of this.

Antique Danish Style Furniture

If you are trying to marry vintage Danish furniture with a more traditional or perhaps antique style, a set of light rosewood chairs with an oatmeal seat will complement a strongly decorative backdrop nicely. Calm and unobtrusive, these chairs nevertheless add sophistication with subtlety.

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Danish dining chairs can also work seamlessly within a shabby chic space. In particular, vintage leather chairs with worn leather can look characterful and welcoming. Great examples of these can be seen in designs by renowned designer, Kai Kristiansen. When teamed with a teak dining table this can be incredibly attractive, making for a sophisticated but informal dining space. A set of six A frame chairs from Farstrup Mobler will shape a similar statement.

Danish Dining Chairs from the last century are renowned for their simple, clean lines which can provide a real modern look in a contemporary home yet, with the correct fabric and wood choice, sit peacefully in a period surrounding as well. Sturdy and robust, you will have no fears about using these pieces which are designed to last and be as functional and practical as they are beautiful.

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If you think that Danish dining chairs might be the perfect fit for your home, take the time to browse our collection today and find all the inspiration you need.

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