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From sofas and armchairs to stools and dining chairs, seating is arguably the most important element when it comes to interior design. As well as their obvious practical purpose, chairs play an important role in the way any space in our home looks and feels, with each chair having its own role and effect on a space. So, needless to say, choosing the right chairs for your home is vital. You need to find high quality designs with their own unique look and character, and that’s exactly what you get when you choose a designer like Daniel Heath. Discover a fantastic selection of Daniel Heath chairs here at Vinterior.

Why choose Daniel Heath?

As a British award-winning independent wallpaper, textile and surface designer, Daniel Heath has earned a reputation for engaging illustrative designs. Heath is based in the heart of East London and is trained in the art of tradition silk-screen printing. In 2007 he opened his own studio for making hand-printed wallpapers and crafted surfaces on an exclusive made-to-order basis. Nowadays, Heath maintains his long upheld principles of craftsmanship and sustainable design through upcycling and the repurposing of authentic heritage materials. This allows him to create truly unique high quality pieces which always spark conversation and attract admiring comments and compliments.

This is certainly the case when it comes to Heath’s chairs. Daniel Heath seating mixes many of his most popular elements, such as quirky colours, upcycled elements and unique forms, to make an attractive addition to modern and traditional settings alike.

Introducing Daniel Heath chairs into your home

Thanks to their interesting use of colour, pattern and upholstery, Daniel Heath chairs instantly draw attention, whatever room they are in. The obvious choice is to introduce a selection of Heath seating into your dining room as quirky dining room chairs. The vintage elements present from their upcycled history can bring the necessary elegance to your dining area, while the design’s more playful features will stop the room feeling too austere.

Alternatively, Daniel Heath seating can work extremely well as occasional furniture, providing extra seating when necessary and otherwise being an attractive design element. Whether in the living room or an open plan kitchen, having extra seating automatically feel more welcoming, but choosing designs from Daniel Heath will help it feel more stylish, too. Part of Heath’s ongoing manifesto is to create modern designs that embody both traditional values and contemporary aesthetics, allowing his seating to fit into any space no matter how ornate or minimalist.

Find everything your home needs at Vinterior

Daniel Heath’s very own one-of-a-kind creations are available right here at Vinterior, along with many thousands more unique furniture solutions for your home. That’s because we are the largest online marketplace for premium furniture with its own story to tell, sourced from more than one thousand trusted sellers, designers, brands and boutiques. We seek out only the highest quality furniture with plenty of character, and that’s exactly what you’ll find all in one place at Vinterior.

Whether you’re interested in vintage, antique, upcycled, retro or contemporary furniture, we have plenty to offer. So if you’re looking for your next home addition – simply seeking out inspiration – you’re in the right place. Discover a collection of Daniel Heath chairs and endless other items of furniture by browsing the Vinterior collection today. Your home will certainly thank you for it.