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It’s the finishing touches to a room that can really make the difference to your décor. The beautiful carved bedframe, authentic vintage tallboy or charming coffee table may look slightly bare without some supporting items. One item that can really finish a room off is a cowhide rug. Our marketplace has lots of different rugs to choose from, including an eye-catching and appealing range of cowhide rugs. If you have never considered one of these pieces in your home, take a look at our listings today.

Getting to know cowhide rugs

Identifying a cowhide rug is a fairly easy business. These rugs have unique shapes with curved edges and a somewhat asymmetrical design. When the cowhide has been stretched, which it is in some designs, the designs does become more symmetrical. A stretched rug may be more beneficial in long and narrower spaces such as hallways and passages.

Authentic cowhide can feature different natural patterns, giving them a completely unique look – no two are the same. Yet, cowhide accepts paints and dyes extremely well so you find them in an array of colours. Some cowhide rugs are even sprayed into specific images or patterns. These rugs are recent designs, but you can also find them from decades gone by. This has increased the amount of styles, patterns and colours used on them and therefore increases your options.

Why Choose Cowhide Rugs?

There are plenty of reasons to choose a cowhide rug to finish off your room. They are extremely durable, pliable and exceptionally good at resisting wear and tear so you’ll get to enjoy it for longer. This hasn’t detracted from their comfort because they are among the softest rugs you can get your hands – or should we say, feet on!

Each cowhide rug is unique in its own right. This is because each one comes from a unique animal with different hide exhibiting different shapes, colour tones and patterns. It’s extremely unlikely that you’ll see another cowhide rug that matches the patterns and colours of yours exactly.

Cowhide rugs have been popular for many years, and that is showing no signs of changing. Whilst the shape of these rugs can be very eye-catching, the natural colours prevent it from being too bold. Creams, tans and browns work well with almost any colour scheme, making a cowhide rug a complementary yet interesting addition to a living room, bedroom or hallway.

These are also convenient additions to your room. Choosing a cowhide rug doesn’t limit you to certain designs. When left in their natural state showing off unique patterns they match with classical and elegant decors. At the same time, the colour dyed rugs with complex patterns can fit into Boho or more modern furniture interiors. This makes them easy to add to your current style without having to change other aspects of your décor.

Shop for cowhide rugs today

If a cowhide rug sounds like the missing jigsaw piece to your interior design, take a look through our collection. Start browsing through our current listings and take in the natural aesthetics or colourful dyes to help you decide which one will work in your home.

Here at Vinterior we only work with the best boutiques in the business, ensuring that your cowhide rug is of the finest quality. Browse through our cowhide rug collection today.