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Cowhide furniture has been popular for many years and there are no signs of this changing. Cowhide furniture can come in a variety of forms. The use of cowhide is most popular in the manufacturing of rugs, pillows, stools and various types of seating. It is a material that is used across styles so you can easily find cowhide furniture with modern and quirky twists or cowhide furniture that is more classical and elegant. Cowhide as a material is very strong which makes it a durable alternative to other fabrics and materials. It’s also a material that accepts dyes and colours easily. This is what allows cowhide furniture to stretch across styles and periods. It can be left in a natural state or can be decorated in colourful patterns. Explore the listings here at Vinterior and see what cowhide furniture can offer you.

Why buy cowhide furniture?

So, why should you choose cowhide furniture? What are the benefits? Well, first of all these are unique designs. As they come from an animal, you can be assured that no two rugs will be the same, which gives your item of furniture its own individuality. As mentioned, cowhide is an exceptionally durable material, which means that your cowhide furniture will last longer and withstand much greater wear than other materials. This is an important consideration if you are considering buying a cowhide rug, throw, footstool or chair. In addition to this, cowhide is easy to maintain so you can be confident that investing in furniture made with cowhide, you will have a piece that you can enjoy for a long time!

Due to being a soft and tactile material, cowhide adds a sense of warmth to a living space, making it a popular choice for living rooms and bedrooms. The natural colours and tones help it fit in to most modern homes, and can add a quirky touch to a more traditional styled environment. Cowhide furniture is luxurious without being boring or old fashioned – even the most basic chair can be completely transformed and given a whole new character with a touch of cowhide.

If you're looking to brighten up a monochrome space, or add more character to an already eclectic room, cowhide is a great choice. Cowhide furniture can be something of a talking point due to its unique look. Cowhide works particularly well in Scandinavian designs that draw on the “Hygge” trend. This trend typically makes use of hardwood floors, white clean walls and minimalist furniture, but softens the look with cosy fabrics and textures – and so cowhide is a perfect addition to this environment.

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Finding the time to carry out an interior renovation is difficult. What makes it even more difficult for those wanting unique and eye-catching pieces of furniture is the time it takes to find authentic sellers you can trust. To make everything much easier, here at Vinterior we have founded our marketplace to bring the best of Britain’s furniture stockists to you.

Some of our sellers specialise in certain furniture from a specific period or style. By mixing them together we’ve created a marketplace to cover all bases. Cowhide furniture can be a welcome addition to many current homes that will truly enhance your space. To see the different cowhide furniture options being sold, start browsing our cowhide furniture collection today.

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