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We have a range of cowhide furniture available, and the cowhide footstool is one of our most popular products. An eccentric yet luxurious addition to any home, the cowhide footstool is both a useful and attractive accessory that will be well loved by all the family. Footstools are frequently listed and quickly sold items of furniture on our marketplace. In particular, the cowhide footstool can be a unique and lovely addition to a living space or a seating area within a master bedroom. Cowhide footstools come in many different styles so there’s always one to suit your taste. To see the various cowhide footstools, start browsing through our current listings, today.

The features of our cowhide footstools

One of the first things you would have noticed on your cowhide footstool search would be the diversity in designs. Some are conventional footstools with cowhide-covered tops that look like a lowered stool. These may be propped up by wooden legs or even a steel frame.

Alternatively, you may also find examples of more unorthodox designs here at Vinterior. For example, we often feature footstools in the shape of animals, where you rest your feet on their back. These fun and quirky designs are not always as easy to find but they can add genuine intrigue to your home – a guaranteed conversation starter. Footstools are aimed for single person use and some are longer – almost like lowered benches – to cater for several people sitting in a row.

Why choose cowhide footstools?

A footstool is perfect to rest your legs on after a hard day of work. The cowhide can feel soft and comfortable to make your rest even more relaxing.

The use of cowhide will make your footstool unique because no cowhide is going to look exactly the same. This gives them a more individual touch. The cowhide is also extremely durable and easy to maintain so you can be assured it will be supporting your tired feet for a long time.

Cowhide is a soft and tactile material, making it a sumptuous and welcoming surface for a footstool. While footstool designs can be varied and arresting, the natural colours prevent cowhide from completely overwhelming your living space. Tans, browns and creams are colours that can fit in to almost any colour scheme, and can help to either brighten up a monochrome theme, or tone down a room with more bold colours.

One final benefit worth noting is that because there are a lot of styles of footstools, they are easy to cater for changes to styles and themes. If you own a home or a cafe with décor you’re currently content with, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t find a cowhide footstool to seamlessly fit in with your ongoing design. This makes choosing them less of a commitment unlike other furniture where you may need to adapt other aspects of your interior to match the new item.

Shop for cowhide footstools with Vinterior

Our online marketplace is filled with only the finest vintage furniture, sourced from the best boutiques in the country. Our listings change frequently so you never know what gems might be added to our site at any time. Perhaps you will find an early 20th century cowhide footstool with signs of wear and use that make it perfect for a shabby chic interior. Alternatively, you may find a recently made one-of-a-kind cowhide footstool from an artisan furniture maker using a salvaged steel frame. The possibilities are endless, which is why our website is such an exciting place for you to search. Browse our listings today and find your inspiration.