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A bedroom is far more than a place to sleep, it’s also where you can spend time relaxing or getting ready to go out for the day or evening. Whether you’re preparing to hit the town or simply practising your latest look, a dressing table is an essential piece of furniture for any woman. Although there are lots of styles available, corner dressing tables provide a great option, particularly if space is a challenge. Check out our collection of corner dressing tables here at Vinterior for inspiration and ideas for your own home.

Why choose corner dressing tables?

Every bedroom deserves a dressing table; it’s a match made in heaven. Cast your mind back to the Hollywood era of glamour and you might recall stars such as Greta Garbo and Ava Gardner sitting in front of their dressing table, brushing their hair and looking simply stunning. Whilst we can’t promise you the gorgeous tresses of the stars of yesteryear, with a corner dressing table we can promise that your bedroom will look just as glorious! Vintage has never been more on trend and it’s a look that everyone can embrace.

However, if you’re struggling for space you might be wondering where you can fit your dressing table into your boudoir, a corner dressing table could be the perfect solution for you. You won’t need a lot of spare space to accommodate a corner dressing table and it allows you to enjoy all of the benefits even if you don’t have a giant-sized room.

Your corner dressing table may not come with a fitted mirror so this gives you the chance to pick a freestanding design that you like. Triple-sided, folding mirrors could work quite well as they’ll offer maximum coverage while following the angles of the wall.

Incorporating corner dressing tables in the home

Although dressing tables are primarily designed for the bedroom, depending on the style you might find other uses for them around the home. Some types work particularly well in other rooms, offering a stylish and practical solution which wouldn’t otherwise be available.

If your living room is more compact, a corner unit can be a big help, maximising all the room you have available and leaving more floorspace free. Traditional TV units or work desks can be quite heavy and dominate a smaller space, so utilising a pine, teak or rosewood dressing table can provide a great compact space – whether it’s to host your widescreen or to provide you with study space if you need it.

If you are fortunate enough to have a dedicated room as a home office, the likelihood is that you will also want it to double up as a guest bedroom or perhaps the kids playroom. This means that you don’t want to give over too much space. A corner dressing table can be both a guest dressing table, toy storage device and a work desk, rolled into one. Whether you’re planning on doing arts and crafts or need a place for the children to do their homework, a corner dressing table is an excellent alternative.

Shop for corner dressing tables with Vinterior

At Vinterior we’ve got a great range of corner dressing tables to suit every style. Come and browse through our online marketplace and find the design that you like for your home – whether that’s in your bedroom or elsewhere in the house. And remember, you’ll also find many current craftspeople and carpenters featured on our marketplace, so if you need a corner dressing table that is bespoke and built to your specifications, you can find the right furniture makers right here, too.