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Corner Bookcase

A mixture of clever storage and attractive design, a corner bookcase would make a perfect addition to any home. Clutter is the enemy of interior design. Books piled on tables, files stuffed haphazardly into desks, and trinkets strewn carelessly across the house all serves to make your home feel chaotic and unattractive. This is particularly true if your home is a little on the cosy side. Investing in some clever and handsome storage is therefore an excellent way to bring some neatness and a sense of cohesion back to your home, and one nifty piece of storage you should definitely consider is a corner bookcase. Visit Vinterior to find a wide range of corner bookcases ready to solve your storage woes.

Choosing a period oak corner bookcase

Unobtrusive, but infinitely useful for storage, corner bookcases prevent clutter from accumulating in a room without taking up too much space themselves. They allow to you store books neatly, provide a way to display your beautiful ornaments and keepsakes, and can be a handsome addition to a room even when empty and alone.

Aside from character and durability, one of the best things about decorating your home with vintage and antique furniture is that it is one of the most sustainable ways to shop. Many corner bookcases in the Vinterior collection have been upcycled and repurposed, making them a more environmentally conscious addition to the household.

Incorporating a corner bookcase into your home

As with any other item of furniture, you need to select the right design for your home. For example, if you want some additional storage in your modern living room, a sleek modernist corner bookcase from the 1950s will fit that aesthetic, and bring some much needed personality to the space. Luckily there is a huge range of different corner bookcases out there to suit any style of decor, from elegant art deco designs that will fit nicely at the side of a beautiful dining room, to more rustic creations better suited to those with a more bohemian taste.

The two things that bind all vintage corner bookcases together, regardless of their particular design aesthetic, are charm and expert craftsmanship. No two vintage, antique or artisan pieces are the same, but each has proven durability, and a timeless quality which makes it easy for them to fit into a modern home.

We love now and upcycled corner bookcases, too!

Many of our corner sofas come from dedicated individuals who have worked tirelessly to restore them to their former brilliance, or else give them a completely new look more in line with modern design sensibilities. This gives our collection even greater variety, and ensures that any corner bookcase you buy from us will be completely unique. Here at Vinterior we are just as passionate about the new as the old. Alongside classic corner bookcases, you will find modern designs that are bursting with just as much beauty and personality.

Why shop for a corner bookcase at Vinterior?

Vinterior is already one of the largest furniture marketplaces on the web, selling pieces from every era to fill the homes of Britain with gorgeous, characterful pieces. We only work with professional sellers, to ensure that every item of furniture we sell is as durable and functional as it is attractive. We believe firmly in the power of distinctive, well-designed furniture, that provides a home with character and charm, as well as simple beauty. Every piece in the Vinterior collection has its own particular story to tell, which will help make your home a little more unique.

A corner bookcase would make for a perfect addition to any home, and there is a wide range of them waiting to be explored here at Vinterior.