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Every home needs shelving. Not only does shelving provide you with more storage space, but it also allows you to display some of your most beloved accessories and ornaments without having to sacrifice floorspace in the process. Thanks to shelving, even the smallest interior environment has the capacity to include decorative elements that elevate its design, whether it be with potter plants, family photographs or something else entirely. But shelving shouldn’t just be seen as a practical addition. They can also be considered an attractive design element in their own right, especially if you choose a stunning set of contemporary shelves. Explore our extensive collection right here at Vinterior.

Why choose contemporary shelving units?

There is an undeniable freshness to contemporary furniture which is hard to resist, so it’s easy to understand why these designs are becoming increasingly popular among modern homeowners. While vintage furniture possesses a charm brought about by time and history, it’s more than possible to gain equal charm by seeking out unique and thought-provoking contemporary designs, especially when it comes to items like shelving units.

Contemporary shelving units come in all shapes and sizes. This reflects the fact that contemporary furniture as a whole doesn’t just refer to one style or aesthetic. Modern furniture takes its inspiration from the whole spectrum of cultures and historical periods, and this is evident in the array of designs available here at Vinterior. Contemporary shelving units can be big or small, wooden or metallic, sleek or ornate, simple or outlandish. The only thing these designs have in common are their commitment to high quality.

In some instances, contemporary shelves can look unmistakeably modern. Features such as metallic materials, floating shelf designs, clean lines and simple silhouettes create a futuristic vibe which is also reminiscent of mid-century design. Alternatively, contemporary shelves can be more rustic or industrial looking, thanks to a mixture of wood and metal. They can even appear homely and traditional, using wrought iron and curved shapes to give an ornate quality to items like wine racks. Some are even upcycled from older pieces, meaning they still possess that historical element that many people love in antique furniture but also have a creative touch of ingenuity to them.

Why shop at Vinterior?

Striking shapes, sleek lines and a bold use of colour and material are all indicative of contemporary shelving designs, but each item is also completely unique. This is also true of the Vinterior furniture collection as a whole. We may be the largest online marketplace for unusual furniture items – with many thousands of pieces to discover from over one thousand carefully selected sellers – but we can assure you that every item you come across in our collection has its own unique story to tell.

No matter what kind of style you prefer, you can rest easy in the knowledge that every piece you see is of the highest standard and has the power to elevate your home’s interior design.

The right shelving is a key investment for any home, so start searching for your perfect style today. Vinterior is the place for both purchasing and gaining inspiration, so sit back and enjoy browsing our huge collection of furniture.

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