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No room is complete without a great rug. This simple room addition has the power to bring colour, excitement and class to any space without actually taking up any space. Whether you’re a fan of more traditional ornate rugs or swanky colour modern designs, every room can be improved by a great piece of floor décor. The key, of course, is to choose the right rug, and the best way to ensure you do this is to give yourself as much as choice as possible. That’s exactly what you get when you shop for contemporary rugs at Vinterior. Enjoy browsing our extensive collection below.

Why choose contemporary rugs?

Contemporary furniture is defined by its diversity. With a wealth of eras and cultures to take inspiration from, contemporary furniture has the capacity to be anything and everything, using modern design techniques to bring beloved styles and fresh ideas firmly into the 21st century. While many contemporary pieces use geometric designs, bold colour palettes and sleek lines to create a thoroughly modern feel, the beauty of contemporary furniture is that it can be so diverse and varied.

This is certainly the case when it comes to contemporary rugs. A contemporary rug can mean many different things, from a beautifully chic statement rug from designers like Porto, to fun, colourful rugs designed for children’s rooms. It could mean a plush rug to sink your feet into, or a large-scale rug with a striking geometric design that harks back to the heyday of Art Deco and the roaring 20s.

A rug has the power to completely inform a room’s design, acting as the perfect inspiration for decorating the rest of the space. If you were to invest in one piece of statement furniture for your interior setting, a rug is a great choice, and nowhere are there more options than when searching contemporary designs. You’ll even find deceptively simple rug designs in our collection for those who don’t want to make too loud a statement. The subtle intricacies of these designs allow them to give off a vibe that is effortlessly chic. Many contemporary rug designs can also be tailored to suit your specific demands in terms of size and look.

Why shop at Vinterior?

If you are in the market for a stunning piece of unique furniture, you’ve come to the right place. We are Vinterior – the number one online marketplace for vintage, antique, retro, artisan and bespoke furniture. Our extensive collection features thousands and thousands of characterful furniture pieces, each one completely unique. It’s a collection that spans all tastes, styles and budgets, travelling throughout history to offer everything from ancient antique furniture to modern contemporary masterpieces. We don’t discriminate when it comes to the age of a piece, we simply look for quality.

And quality is exactly what you get from Vinterior. Every item in our collection is unique and premium, with its own story to tell. Our collection is comprised of listings from over one thousand celebrated designers and trusted sellers, including well-known brands and independent boutiques. Gone are the days of traipsing round your local market to find distinctive pieces – we offer endless unique furniture items all in one place – so you are only ever a click away from finding the rug that can elevate your home to a new level.

You’ll find thousands of rugs here at Vinterior, including stunning contemporary options and many bespoke pieces which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. So why not treat yourself – and your home – to a beautiful collectable from our collection? Whether you’re a serious shopper or simply looking for inspiration, enjoy browsing our listings today.

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