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A nest of tables probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you consider adding vital surface space to your home. Your imagination probably first wanders to items like a dining or coffee table, or else a sideboard. But while these are obviously important investments, nests of tables really are the hidden gems of home design.Not only do nests of tables provide you with a practical, space-saving solution to your needs – offering surface room to even the smallest setting – but they can also be an attractive design element in their own right. Don’t believe us? Explore our collection of contemporary nests of tables today and see for yourself.

Why choose a contemporary nest of tables?

Contemporary furniture takes everything you think you know about furniture design and turns it on its head. This is furniture with no set rules, using features such as glass elements, slim legs, metallic details and sleek forms to give formerly weighty items of furniture a fresh sense of weightlessness. Contemporary furniture may often feature some common traits, but in actual fact the real charm of contemporary furniture lies in its diversity. With so many incredible designs out there, this is a style which can’t be pinned down, and that only adds to contemporary furniture’s desirability.

Contemporary furniture design allows even items like a simple nest of tables make a statement. Often thought of as a supportive necessity rather than a stylish accessory, it can be difficult to find a nest of tables which shines as a truly attractive piece of furniture. This isn’t the case when it comes to contemporary design, which really thinks outside the box.

A contemporary nest of tables can mean a variety of different things. It could be a sleek glass and metallic set of surfaces which stack neatly together to form an artistic feature, or a chic single stacking table with decadent gold elements. It could even be a more standard set of wooden tables which decrease in size, but with a precise cubed design that helps them make a subtle yet inescapable statement. Not only will this furniture add convenience to your living room, it can also add an important sense of quality and style to the space.

Why shop at Vinterior?

The variety you find with contemporary furniture is largely due to the fact that it has so many amazing eras of design to take inspiration of. Alongside a vast collection of contemporary furniture, pieces from these iconic past eras are all available at Vinterior. Whether you’re looking for Art Deco, Bohemian, British antiques or traditional vintage, the entire history of furniture design is evident in our extensive collection of many thousands of items. We even include bespoke and artisan furniture within our huge range of contemporary items.

We simply specialise in unique furniture. Every piece you find in the Vinterior collection is an individual collection with its own backstory and history, no matter how old or recent that history may be. We only deal in premium furniture, so you can rest assured that with Vinterior you always get quality. And as the largest marketplace for unique furniture on the web, that’s a lot of quality to discover.

Forget what you think you know about the humble nest of tables, because our collection is here to show you just how exciting it can be. Browse the Vinterior collection today and get inspired.

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