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Console tables are always a chic addition to your home. This may be down to their origins in the French and Italian palaces of the late 17th century, where they would be fixed to the walls using S brackets called consoles (hence the name). Back then, console tables were designed to be theatrical and large, featuring delicate gilding and intricately carved details. Nowadays however, console tables come in all shapes, sizes and styles thanks to the diverse styles of contemporary design. If you think a console table would really set off or finish you overall home look, explore the collection of contemporary console tables right here at Vinterior.

Why choose a contemporary console table?

Contemporary furniture is all about harmony. It perfectly brings together the styles and trends of the present alongside the influences of past design in order to create pieces which are truly unique. They have both a classic and fresh appeal, using a variety of features and elements to make a statement in any interior setting. Some of the quintessential aspects of contemporary furniture include simple, clean lines, square edges, natural materials and textures, contemporary colours and slim silhouettes. These features come together to give contemporary pieces their signature light and airy feel, adding a feeling of weightlessness to its design.

This style lends itself perfectly to the humble console table. Console tables by their very nature are designed to be slim and space-saving in order to provide surface and storage room in a hallway without taking up too much floor space. The contemporary take on this design achieves this and more.

A main part of the charm of contemporary furniture comes from its ability to be anything and everything. By taking their influence from so many different eras and cultures, contemporary furniture designers manage to create pieces which are completely individual. This is reflected in our collection of contemporary console tables, which features an array of different designs and styles ranging from sleek glass models to curved modern pieces and the more traditional wood. A console table can fit perfectly in an entrance hall, a dining room, a living room or even in the bedroom, and there are endless options to choose from.

Why shop at Vinterior?

The one thing we all look for when shopping for any item of furniture – be it a console table or a wall mirror – is character. Luckily, the items of furniture you’ll find at Vinterior possess character in spades. In fact, we specialise in listing only the most premium furniture with its own distinct character and personality, and its own individual story to tell. This means that when you shop with Vinterior you can rest assured that every item you consider is completely unique.

We are the leading online marketplace for vintage, antique, retro and mid-century furniture. Our collection also includes endless options of contemporary, modern, artisan and bespoke furniture, so whatever style you prefer you can find what you’re looking for within our collection. Put simply, the very best furniture is right here, all in one place.

We can help you get excited about finding the perfect console table for your home. This simple piece of furniture can provide so much in terms of character and design, which you’ll discover by exploring our collection of many thousands of items. So what are you waiting for? Explore the Vinterior collection today and get inspired.

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